Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to blogging!

Yeeeess!!!! I'm still alive.... even though I stopped writing for a while.
After a few comments from my grandma and my mum (my personal fan club) I decided that one of my 2008 commitments would be to start blogging again... and here I am :)

In the next weeks I will try to summarize the many things that happened in the past months... starting from :

July 2008

After my wonderful yard sale, with Kamala and Sharon, who helped me out bringing me some costumers and Tim Hortons coffee, I sold out almost everything. The good bye party was a very nice event and I was happy to see there many of the people who I consider my Canadian family and who made my stay in North America a very special one!

Thursday was my last day at work. After that, I went home and spent all the afternoon and night packing in order to leave my room empty and ready for the next tenant.

Originally I was supposed to leave Ottawa by Greyhound on Thursday evening.... in reality I left on Friday July the 31st at 7am. I arrived to Toronto where I could take this interesting picture (look closely if you don't see anything special.... )
After that I went to have lunch with Lukas....and to the airport! We were ready to leave for Cuba!!!!! But that is the August highlight....therefore the next post!