Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pizza di Maccheroni Recipe

There are many things that happened these last few weeks and I want to blog about... but for that I need to organize my ideas and thoughts, chose pictures to upload, etc. ... too much work for me right now.
Therefore, instead, I propose you a fabulous Mediterranean recipe, it's called Pizza di Maccheroni and it's great to eat at home but also to carry along at work or for picnics.

I cooked it on Sunday and I was very proud of it. I was even able to give it a perfect round and solid shape (I've never done it before). My roommate told me that it was surprising to see how I could be so exited about a "three-ingredients-recipe". Well I am, this is the dish that my family in Sorrento would always carry to the beach for us kids to eat at lunch! (Well, that and prosciutto-panini, nutella croissants, etc. followed by a strict 2-hours break without being able to go into the water in order to digest these delicious things)

Usually you will prepare this dish with the remains from pasta that you cooked another day, but you can also prepare the pasta on purpose to cook a "Pizza di Maccheroni".

- Pasta (really?) (I like it with spaghetti, but any sort of pasta will do it)
- Eggs
- Salt
- Oil of olive
(Optional: ham, pieces of mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, basil,...or whatever you like)

1. If is not already done: cook the pasta (boil it with salt until it is very al dente)
2. Mix the pasta with the eggs and salt (I used 4 eggs for 300 grams, but it's up to you)
3. Put the pasta mixed with the eggs in a pan and make sure it's all flat and homogeneous.
4. you wait for a bit, making sure it doesn't stick on the bottom to the pan, and then you turn it around (you can help yourself with the pan cover to turn the pizza around).
5. You turn it on both sides as many times you need to make sure its ready, crispy and "golden-coloured" on both sides.

Wait a bit before cutting and serving. This dish is better at ambient temperature rather than hot. Cut, serve and enjoy!

PS. in the pic you can see the one I made on Sunday and I'm very proud about!



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