Monday, July 23, 2007

3 days to go...

3 days to go. This evening is my "good bye Canada" party (not really a party but a get together in a pub).
I will miss waking up in the morning listening to Chin Radio (the Italian radio in Ottawa), going around with my bike, giving a hand for Tele-30 and preparing the radio show for each Saturday morning. Of course I will also miss all the people who were involved in all those activities.
On Sunday I had my very own garage-sale. It was a very small garage-sale because I already sold most of the stuff to friends who saw the items I wanted to sell on an email I sent.... but there was still "Cletta" to go... my Super-Nice-Beautiful Canadian Bike! I even took a picture of the new owner....and I proposed to write a blog about Cletta's history (a blog that should be continued by each owner).... but I don't think it will happen (it was a great idea though)!
Cletta might even show up for my good bye party tonight (as I told her new owner, who is a new girl in town, to come to the party just to meet some people).
Anyways... I'm a little sad and confused (mixed feelings) but I don't have time to care about that now! I have to prepare and record 4 radio shows for the next 4 weeks, put in order my room and pack (and throw away everything else), change my address at the post office, work 8h a day as usual, close my telephone number, send my few savings to my Swiss Bank Account (that sounds cool... but unfortunately my Swiss account is almost as poor as my Canadian account)....and everything before Wednesday night...when I'm leaving my house to go to Toronto, work there until Friday and then leave for a well deserved vacation! (Oh, and I also have my last Harry Potter book to read)... let's see what will I forget!



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