Friday, June 15, 2007

Want to marry a future Millionaire? Come to Ottawa!

I think my slogan (read the tile of this post) would have brought many more ladies in the Canadian Stadiums for this U-20 FIFA World Cup... but they chose this other more politically-correct campaign instead :)
In the last few days in Ottawa, I figured out that I'm busier (working) in my free time more than in my working time. Nevertheless, what sounds as a complaint, is something that brings me lots of satisfactions.
Wednesday I was at the Rogers Studios to record the show that will be broadcast this Saturday and Sunday (Rogers Television Channel 22, Sat 6am, Sun 5pm). I interviewed some people, presented the show and met some new people (and this is the interesting part of the story). Adriano, the responsible for the sports section of the show, had a FIFA representative to be interviewed for this Saturday...and as I was there, and thanks to Adriano's wife who pushed me a little bit in order to network with these FIFA people, I met the Communications Manager of the Ottawa Site Organizing Committee for FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007: Mike Winterburn.
As a result, and after a few emails and calls, I will be able to have Mike Winterburn as a guest during my radio show this Saturday! I will start the show at 10h00am and Mike will come in for an interview at 10h30am. If you don't want to miss it tune in on Chin Radio 97.9 FM or through the Internet on
After the show I will run to Little Italy as we're having the Book Fair going on! If you don't have any program for this week-end, I strongly recommend you to join me (after you listen to my show of course) on Preston Street and enjoy the ambiance, the Ferrari parade, the biking contest, the Vespa display, food, music and much more!



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