Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stories from Boston: Gay Pride

Today there was the Gay Pride in Boston and I convinced my Mum to come to downtown with me to see the Gay Pride and take pictures.

Actually both of us have never seen a Gay Pride before (besides on TV) and it was real fun.... and interesting.

The first interesting thing about it, is that it was not just one of those very provocative parades... not at all! (Actually some guys in the public did not really appreciate it I guess, commenting in a negative tone "hey, what's going on with this parade...).

Most of the people were people dressed in their casual outfit (as opposed to dressed-up people) just wearing some coloured necklaces, socks, blankets and flags). Many of them were married couples (gay/lesbian couples) with kids... who seamed to have lots of fun. At the same time there were also a couple of dressed-up people, but nicely dressed-up and appropriate for all publics, so it was really nice.

The other main characters of the parade, and I didn't expect this at all, were churches and religion groups! Almost half of the parade was composed of all sort of churches "marketing" their community to the gay community (OK, that sounds very cold-analytical, but that's the impression I got).

The experience was very nice... I recommend to participate to a Gay Pride (if it's like the one that was held here in Boston)...and If you are lucky enough, you can catch a free coloured necklace as I did (New Orleas'Style). Bacardi was one of the sponsors of the parade (actually one of the only chars having very-undressed people dancing on their car) and they were giving free necklaces...while other chars were showing people dancing on Xuxa's songs... (a former Brazilian TV host for Children as well as Pelé and Ayrton Senna's ex-sweetheart). Xuxa's songs brought me back to the time I went to her TV show in Buenos Aires, in TE LE FE's studios (channel 11)... but this is another story, and not a Boston one :)



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