Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little Italy under the spotlight

I'm back in Ottawa! After a very nice week spent in Boston with my Mum, here I am, once again in Canada's National Capital.

It's funny because now that I'm starting to get prepared to go back to Europe, I also start to see old pictures and e-mails that I wrote to my family and friends with my first impressions about this city. One of these emails was about Little Italy in Ottawa.

The first time I went to Little Italy on Preston St., I heard people speaking in italian dialects and saw many Italian Restaurants. As in every Italian City, the main street was called Corso Italia (in every Italian town, village or city you will find a main street called Corso Italia), but here is more a nickname, as the official name of the Street is Preston Street.

The first impression I had is that Little Italy was welcoming me. Why? Well, one of the Cafes was called "Caffé Cosenza" (Cosenza being a main city in the south of Italy... but also my surname). So I interpreted that as a positive sign. And I was right! I consider myself quite integrated in the Italian Community here and this is because it's really an open and welcoming community.

June (as you can see from my previous post) is the month of Festivals and Parades. One of them is the great Italian Week here in Ottawa which is currently going on with all sort of events and will finish this week-end with a big celebration in Little Italy (Preston Street).

I will be helping with the BookFair we are having in Ottawa's St. Anthony Italia Soccer Club (off Preston St.) (I will actually present the Literary Awards and help around -you can check the Programme under "events"on the Italian Week official webite).

Now I just have to find the time to:

  • Record my Radio Show for Saturday (and prepare it), because it's in the same time than the Book Fair
  • Prepare a Slide-show for the Italian Primary School
  • go to a Canadian Women in Communications Meeting
  • oh! and prepare the text and present the TV Show tonight...

(all of this just in my free time, as I work 8h a day). I think I will be kind of busy! But busy = happy.

If you are in Ottawa or around... don't miss this opportunity and come visit us to Preston Street this week-end, it will be lots of fun! Guaranteed.



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