Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deal or no deal?

On Friday I took the bus to go to Preston Street to help with the final preparations for BookItalia. I took the line n.14 from downtown Ottawa (where I work), but could not reach Preston St. by bus (streets were already closed for the Italian Week celebrations). Preston street was closed to motor vehicles and there were just pedestrians walking around, oh, and Ferrari and Fiat500, but they count as Human Beings). Therefore I decided to walk there (well, not having a Ferrari or a Fiat 500, yet, I did not have many other options)... and that's how I met her!
She was old, but still beautiful.... and they were selling her. I'm talking about my new green Canadian bike. I asked for the price: 45 dollars, 40 for me. I bought it (10 dollars less than the bike I bought last year -the blue one you can see on the back of the picture). Her name is now Cletta (from bicicletta, bicycle in Italian).
My blue (older) bike is called "Grandma", she's old and beautiful (as my new bike), makes a lot of noise, but I really love her. The problem is that, already before the winter came, she had a problem (I guess with the chain) and she didn't work very well. To make it worse, during the winter a car hit her in the parking she's not doing well and it would probably cost me more to repair "Grandma" than to buy a new bike. Therefore I bought a new bike.
The problem is that my new bike (the green one that you see in the picture), Cletta, had a flat tire a couple of days after I bought it. I brought it to the shop and asked how much would it cost to fix my bike. They told me that it would cost me between 5 and 30$. End of the story: they had to change all the tire and it ended up costing me 42$ (meaning 2$ more than the bike itself).
I'm still very happy about my bike, but less convinced of my business-woman skills. Now the problem is: how will I bring my two bikes (Grandma and Cletta) to Switzerland?



At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

e quella in svizzera come la porti a roma?....non puoi mettere i cavalli subito nella stessa stalla....

At 1:38 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

la bici in Svizzera? No ma quella rimane lí e poi magari porterei le altre a Roma (in Svizzera abbiamo anche troppe bici... ma brutte), queste invece sono bici poco-utili in salita (anche se in pianura vanno benissimo) ma belle!


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