Monday, May 07, 2007

Small World

Did you ever meet someone you knew in a place were you would have never expected to meet someone familiar? I bet you did!

I have recently been thinking about this after I met a girl I knew from HEI (my University) here in Ottawa. I was waiting at the bus stop near my house and a girl I knew from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (who is Swiss-Canadian from Quebec) stepped out from the bus. It was very funny! We agreed to meet for a coffee one of these days.

In 2005 I also met an american girl I knew from the GIMUN (Geneva International Model United Nations) in Split, Croatia. I was in a refectory with loats of AIESEC people, getting ready to have lunch before going somewhere else.... and I hear someone calling my name... and asking me if I was Chiara from the GIMUN... The year before I met two girls from HEI (this time from my same class) in Sorrento, my hometown in Italy.
Another time, many years ago, I met an argentian school-mate.... in a shopping mall... but in Lima, PerĂº!

I'm sure the same kind of thing happened to you (I would say AIESEC does not really it's a small community after all, even if spread around the world.Therefore, it's more likely to meet an aiesecer you know from somewhere in the world, in a conference in the opposite side of the world).... as the Disney-game sentence and song says: it's a small world after all!


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