Friday, May 25, 2007

Sens' fever...

This time I'm not talking about my fever... but supporters' fever. Milan F.C. just won the Champions' League and Red and black colours are decorating Italy's financial capital: Milano. Many kilometers away, here in Canada's Capital, red and black colours are all over the place as well! Did all Ottawa Citizens suddenly become soccer supporters and Milan supporters? No... but the type of fever is the same (maybe at a smaller degree though).
Ottawa is getting ready to support the local hockey team during the final match of the Stanley Cup... (which is Hockey's Champions' League to make a comparison).

Don't worry if you are not able to see the match on Monday... in hockey you need to win 4 matches before becoming a if you missed one game...relax!, there will always be another one to watch(up to 7 matches). This system let's all the sponsors have their share of advertisement...and broadcasters couldn't be happier.

The funny thing is to observe that only a few weeks ago nobody was wearing the Senators' (this is the name of Ottawa's soccer team) colours. Of course, now that the Senators are winning, everyone suddenly became a serious and loyal you can see from the pics :)

The other day even my bus driver was wearing a Senators t-shirt.... and all the other pictures are from today: there were flags on top of all cars (especially companies' cars...which use the Senators probably just as a way to market themselves... ), Senators' cookies in the bakery shop, people wearing senators' t-shirts in the street (even though they are heavy and the temperature was 30 degrees C)
THE USA vs. CANADA issue: "Bring The Cup Home!"
Even though the Stanley Cup should only be a team's match and not an Nations' match... here the feeling is the one of a World Cup (it's even more important than Hockey's World Cup actually). In the past 30 years... US teams (full of Canadian players) have won the prestigious award.... will this year be the one?
The curiosity
Each year the winner team names are added on the Stanley Cup... each year since 1893. Actually each year but 2005 when Hockey players went on strike... information that is graved on the cup :)



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