Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is Ottawa so ugly?

Ottawa is a nice city. We have a great Parliament Building, rivers surrounding the city and Gatineau Park, a great green area, with lakes, bears, dears (Bambies) and insects just 15min. away from Ottawa.

But... but... it's true that besides the Parliament Building and some great museums (which I did not have the time to visit yet... but are on my "to do" list) the rest of Ottawa's architecture is not wow. Especially if you think that Ottawa is Canada's Capital. The centre of one of the most developed countries.

Andrew Cohen faced these issues in one of the chapters of his new book "The unfinished Canadian". So what? One more book critizing a city and the attitude of a country... I guess we could find plenty of those for each and every country. Nevertheless... this chapter generated a lot of reactions in Ottawa! and in Canada.
I'm now reading this book (I tried to take it from the library... but they don't have it yet and there is already a more than a hundred people line waiting to borrow the book), so I bought it. I already read Ottawa's chapter (because I needed to present a mini-talk show for Tele-30 about Ottawa) and I must say that I agree with many of his points. I mean, probably he tends to exaggerate the "ugly" side of Ottawa, however, the intention is not just to criticize it, but to point out to all the potential of this beautiful area that is not used at its best. I was surprised tough, to see all the reactions that this article generated in my fellow Ottawa citizens... that are now getting the attention they deserved representing Canada... not as the political Capital though, but as the Ottawa Senators city, the hockey team that is now playing the finals of the Stanley Cup against the US Ducks.


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