Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ducks beat Senators...

No, I'm not talking about a Hitchcock movie, but about the final season of the Stanley Cup. Is not over yet, but the Senators lost the 2 first games (out of hopefully 6 games) against the US ducks! (Which means that if they lose another 2 games...they are out).

The good part of the story is that in hockey you need to lose at least four times in order to really lose (not as the FIFA World Cup, where if you lose... you lose -ask Zidane!-). The first team who wins 4 out of 7 games wins. So, there are plenty of chances to put the ducks back in the oven and cook them well. Nevertheless, statistics are against us. Apparently, most of the teams that reached the finals of the Stanley Cup did not manage to get back into track and win the rest of the games. We'll see what happens this time.

Now, did I just sound as a hockey fan? Don't get me wrong... I'm not... I'm just a soccer-addicted full stop. Nevertheless I enjoy seeing happy people around the city, dressed up in red and celebrating. It reminds me (just a little bit) of the World Cup.

This final season, reminds the World Cup also to my colleagues, who now ask me advice on how to win THE Final Match. Yes, they ask me... of course... because they know the influence I had in winning of the World Cup ;) (well apparently me, and many other people according to a yahoo survey and this other research). Therefore, I shared my knowledge and specific rituals that lead to victory:
  • Wear the same clothes you wore when your team won (it's OK to wash them before). For example, during last years' World Cup I had a specific outfit when Italy was playing (even though wearing a pull over in the middle of July was harder than when I started wearing it in June) and another wan when Switzerland was playing. They both brought luck... but for Switzerland only until a certain point - we were the only team to leave the World Cup undefeated on the field though...which is very good-

  • Never watch the match in the same spot, position, etc, than the time your team lost

  • Repeat the same things you did when your team won (eat the same things, drink the same thing, etc.)

  • Follow the same path when you go to watch the game

Now all the office is following this scientifically-proved rules (of course). Oh.... I don't believe in such things, but at least, we'll have done everything we could to support the Senators (and mainly, I will have lots of fun ...;)). Go Sens Go!

(PS.I hope you like my little draw... that's the max I could do using just Microsoft "paint".)


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