Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Discovering Toronto: Cabbagetown

Finally spring has arrived to Canada as well! When Europe is getting some rain again, we started to have nice, warm and sunny weather.

Therefore, we took the chance to discover a bit more of the biggest city in Canada: Toronto.

We prepared our tools (a guide of Toronto book... bought on sale) and a metro day pass. We decided to head to Cabbagetown!

Cabbage town is a neighbourhood in the downtown area of Toronto... to be precise, is in the opposite side than Little Italy and ChinaTown... meaning that is at the same level, but on the East rather than the West.

According to our guide, and to wikipedia, Cabbagetown's name derives from the Irish immigrants who moved to the neighbourhood beginning in the late 1840s, said to have been so poor that they grew cabbage in their front yards. Canadian writer Hugh Garner's most famous novel, Cabbagetown, depicted life in the neighbourhood during the Great Depression... (I did not read the book yet though)

The area is very nice: beautiful houses (according to Wikipedia even Avril Lavigne, the famous Canadian singer, used to live here at some point), nice parks and even a farm! Walking through Cabbagetown you can get to a nice little farm, with many animals and with a weekly farmers market (we could not see it though, as the market is only on Tuesdays and we were there on Saturday). In September they do also have a Cabbagetown Festival...so we'll have to wait for that one.
A discovery I did not expected to make.... Geneva Av.!!! I was sooo happy.... finally at home! well... kind of :)

After walking around and going to the Phantom of the Opera at night... we went to the Panorama, a bar located at the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre with an incredible view of Toronto! Check it out!
(On the right: the CN tower; on the left: those bright buildings are in Dundas... kind of Toronto's version of NYC Times Square; the bright street on the left that goes to Dundas is Yonge Street... the main steet that crosses Toronto from South to North and divides the East and the West side of the city. It's also the same path of the subway that runs under Yonge St.).



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