Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back in Switzerland (for a week)

In the past two weeks many things have happened... but everything went too fast and I did not have time for my blog.

So here a brief synthesis:

I'm now in Switzerland for a week (I will be there tomorrow evening for the Geneva LCM - which is the AIESEC meeting for those who do not speak aiesecqii ;) ).

The last week I've been working a lot between my internship, the Italian TV show in Ottawa and the radio show on Saturday.

The week before I spent a great Easter week with my family in Boston. Actually my sister and cousin traveled to Boston to spend together that week with my mum and me. We had many reasons to celebrate: My sister's "bride shower" (addio al nubilato in italian) in New York, my Mum's 50th birthday and Easter.

I will keep you updated with more news soon.
(In the picture, from left to right: me, my sister, cousin and Mum in the Boston Commons Park last week)


At 3:41 AM , Blogger sarita said...

so cooooool, see you tonight! :-)

At 5:36 AM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey Sarah!!!!

I'm so so happy to see you all again after so long!
Hugs and see you later :)



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