Monday, February 26, 2007

What a great experience!

This week-end was a very productive one :)

After some months preparing this event, we arrived to Carnival, therefore to the moment where we decided to share our knowledge about Carnival and the importance of it in Italy with some kids of the Italian Canadian Youth Formation (Centro Formativo Italo Canadese). It was an honor for me to be the chair for the event :) I feel very lucky.

The kids were awesome, they were all dressed with Carnival costumes, there were Ninja Turtles, Princesses, SnowWhites, a Pavarotti, Clowns, Batman, Spiderman, etc. etc. and they all seemed to enjoy this Carnival day.

The event was characterized by a multimedia presentation (which I prepared with iMovie and you can see on YouTube by clicking on this link - it has been done very quickly so there would be many things to correct to make it perfect), then a performance by a very good actress who presented the characters of the "Comedy of Art, Commedia dell'Arte" to the children. And finally they all went to make masks! It was a very fun morning for me and everything happened very quickly. At the beginning I was scared my computer would make a crash or something (based on the Murphy law) but everything went smoothly. Thanks to all the Villa Marconi Cultural Group Team and to the School team!

Thanks to Rita as well (my roommate) who came to the event and was very helpful...and probably learnt some words in Italian :) (oh, and she watched the video three times without complaining...even though she doesn't understand Italian) :) Thanks Rita!


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