Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thinking of you...

I'm sorry I don't have everyone's pictures... you are not all in these pictures but I hope you know I also remember you (Pablo Silvestre, Vicky Maffi, etc. etc. etc.)

If you happen to read my blog and you want to send me an old or recent picture I'll be happy to post it in here giving some news about you, what are you doing, etc. etc. :)


Chicos en Fontana di Trevi; Ceci, Pili y yo en SanTelmo

Mattia; Morandi con Evange en el fondo

Cris con el pié de Mechi y Anto detrás, Pily y yo en Capri

Chiara, Cate y Mechi en el Pantheon; Rizo, Ceci, Pili y yo en un bus en Bs.As.


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