Monday, February 05, 2007

Radio Programming

This Saturday I hosted the second edition of my radio show... I still do not have a name for the show or something that really distinguishes it from other shows... (besides me of course ...which I do not really know if it's something positive or negative hehe)

I discovered that what it's easier to do until now, is to try to follow one main theme throughout the that the news, the music and comments are generally somehow linked to it. I also try to have mainly "happy" music, because that's what helps me to wake up in the mornings...while slower music is very nice...but it does not give me the energy to wake up and stand up. For example... this morning I could not wake up, but then Lena (the host of the weekly morning radio show) put "Bandiera Gialla" a very nice song that brings you to the Italian Summer... a classic of the 70s that you can still listen and dance in the Italian discos during the summer, and that got me up and dancing in less than 30' (I was also singing for the bad luck of my roommate who had to listen to me) ;)

So, going back to the planning of my show... the first time I chose two songs in the big list available at the radio.. and they were both linked to the World Cup and the Italian team (Cuore Azzurro and Siamo fortissimi) I tried to link all the show to the soccer and World Cup topic. Which is not so hard...given the fact that if you want to give gossip news...almost every TV woman in Italy is married or it's the girlfriend of a soccer player :)

The second show (the last one I did) was linked to St. Valentine, love and the way men see and portrait women in the songs.... it's really interesting! Some say that you can't be their friend if you want a love story with them (883, la regola dell'amico), some others confirm that you do not have to treat them too well (I neri per caso, le ragazze)...there is also "Teorema" but I did not choose it because it's too slow. And then there are plenty of songs dedicated to the mums :) (Jovanotti, Ciao Mamma; Battiato, Viva la Mamma). It's very interesting!

I also wanted to give the recipe of a love potion during the show... but I could not find any love potion recipe available on the net... if you have any idea please send it to me and I will describe it during my next radio show hehe.

Please also tell me if you like any particular song or you have ideas for a theme for my show... I love to use other people's ideas ( eh?). If you do not have any idea... just listen to my show :) Every Saturday from 9am to 10am (East Canada time) or 3pm to 4pm (Swiss Italian time) on 97.9FM or and then you click on Ottawa 97.9 (as in the picture above)


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