Thursday, February 01, 2007


What do I like the most about my new experience in the Radio? The possibility of listening to music.

You will think that's not much... I could listen to music even before. That's correct, but now I have to listen to the music to decide what to put on air during my show... and I even listen a lot more to the radio to pick some ideas for my show.

Furthermore... it's not only about picking some music... I'm listening all the time to Italian music (as I'm working for an Italian audience) :) and this brings so many memories to my mind!
It's incredible how every song makes you think to a specific moment of your life... not only because of the words, but also because you remember the period when you used to listen to it.

It used to happen to my dad... sometimes when we were listening to the radio in the car he would say "I used to hear this song when I was about your age... or I remember I bought a disc from this group in the USA to bring to Italy...etc." . Now I can do the same.... does it mean I'm old? Probably... hehe (Papi I'm not saying you are old).

Now I'm listening to DJ Francesco (that makes me think: GIMUN, Pina, Sabri, Raffa, MarcOlivier.... and also Junio Valerio... we were in a big hall of a Cheese Fondue Restaurant and we wanted everyone to start dancing. It wasn't an easy task as everyone was full of cheese but also full of white wine (that's what you are supposed to drink with the fondue). So we asked all the Italians in the room to help us make everyone dance. We successfully reached our goal generating a huge "train" with people dancing "sono il capitan Uncino" without understanding a word about it hehe.

The reason I chose Eros Ramazzotti for this post picture... it's because I was listening to him before, and this is the first CD I ever bought. I was in Argentina and I was about 11 years old. It was a very important CD to me... not only because it was my first one (it was very cool at that time to have a CD... I would bring it to parties with my name written on we did not have iTunes hehehe many disk would be lost or scratched :S) . Well this disc meant a lot to me because it was the first italian singer I liked!

The thing is that I grew up as an Italian in Peru and then Argentina, so I was not very much exposed to Italian music (besides what my Mum and Grandparents would listen to). So when people asked me "who's your favorite italian singer" I would always reply Pavarotti! Everyone was so impressed from a 10 year old kid being a Pavarotti fan... the truth was that I did not know anyone else!

Then Ramazzotti came.... even to South I could finally look as a kid of my age :). Some time later I bought also a CD of Jovanotti.... and knew all the songs by heart...even if I do not really remember how and where did I buy that disc. (PS. I also went to both singers' concert once a teen-ager in Switzerland... but that's another story)


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