Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Abemus Maggioranza!

Monday, February 26, 2007

What a great experience!

This week-end was a very productive one :)

After some months preparing this event, we arrived to Carnival, therefore to the moment where we decided to share our knowledge about Carnival and the importance of it in Italy with some kids of the Italian Canadian Youth Formation (Centro Formativo Italo Canadese). It was an honor for me to be the chair for the event :) I feel very lucky.

The kids were awesome, they were all dressed with Carnival costumes, there were Ninja Turtles, Princesses, SnowWhites, a Pavarotti, Clowns, Batman, Spiderman, etc. etc. and they all seemed to enjoy this Carnival day.

The event was characterized by a multimedia presentation (which I prepared with iMovie and you can see on YouTube by clicking on this link - it has been done very quickly so there would be many things to correct to make it perfect), then a performance by a very good actress who presented the characters of the "Comedy of Art, Commedia dell'Arte" to the children. And finally they all went to make masks! It was a very fun morning for me and everything happened very quickly. At the beginning I was scared my computer would make a crash or something (based on the Murphy law) but everything went smoothly. Thanks to all the Villa Marconi Cultural Group Team and to the School team!

Thanks to Rita as well (my roommate) who came to the event and was very helpful...and probably learnt some words in Italian :) (oh, and she watched the video three times without complaining...even though she doesn't understand Italian) :) Thanks Rita!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week-end with Lukas, Radio and Winterlude!

CHIN Ottawa 97.9 FM, Saturday 9h00-10h00 am, this time with Lukas in the studio

Winterlude, Ottawa's Winter Festival: with the longest skating path in the World (Guinness World Record)(7km on the iced canal... the ice is so strong that there are even trucks on the ice)

Sweet Ice sculpture at Confederation Park, Ottawa.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Alle 18h spegnete tutto! e NON prendete l'ascensore!

Today's Kyoto's birthday.... to celebrate it and take the chance to start saving energy.... please shut down the lights and save energy starting today at noon (18h in Europe). Don't take the elevator but the stairs and save energy in all the ways that come to your mind!

M'Illumino di meno!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow in Katmandu!

Why is this relevant to me? Because Raffaela is there to see it live :)
Enjoy the snow Raffa! You probably brought it there from Switzerland... I'm glad you did not brought the fog (nebbia) from Milan though :)

Save energy! M'illumino di meno!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Family Pics in Lima

Sunday, February 11, 2007


The nice side of the cold weather... Sunny day and Ice sculptures in Ottawa's downtown :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Listen to the Show! :)

When? TOMORROW, Saturday February the 10th
At what time? 9am - 10am Ottawa time,
3pm - 4pm Swiss/Italian time
Where? Ottawa 97.9 FM
What? Chiara's Radio Show :D

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thinking of you...

I'm sorry I don't have everyone's pictures... you are not all in these pictures but I hope you know I also remember you (Pablo Silvestre, Vicky Maffi, etc. etc. etc.)

If you happen to read my blog and you want to send me an old or recent picture I'll be happy to post it in here giving some news about you, what are you doing, etc. etc. :)


Chicos en Fontana di Trevi; Ceci, Pili y yo en SanTelmo

Mattia; Morandi con Evange en el fondo

Cris con el pié de Mechi y Anto detrás, Pily y yo en Capri

Chiara, Cate y Mechi en el Pantheon; Rizo, Ceci, Pili y yo en un bus en Bs.As.

La Coló

Ah.... Recuerdos!

I left 10 years ago... but this place is still at the center of my heart.
This is a little thought to all my friends that shared with me those days and the joy of being together in that school.

Love you! Los quiero mucho!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

wow... I almost didn't realize... 1 year....
Everything started one year ago in Koln... in a coffee shop (with free internet connection wireless). Happy birthday blog!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Radio Programming

This Saturday I hosted the second edition of my radio show... I still do not have a name for the show or something that really distinguishes it from other shows... (besides me of course ...which I do not really know if it's something positive or negative hehe)

I discovered that what it's easier to do until now, is to try to follow one main theme throughout the that the news, the music and comments are generally somehow linked to it. I also try to have mainly "happy" music, because that's what helps me to wake up in the mornings...while slower music is very nice...but it does not give me the energy to wake up and stand up. For example... this morning I could not wake up, but then Lena (the host of the weekly morning radio show) put "Bandiera Gialla" a very nice song that brings you to the Italian Summer... a classic of the 70s that you can still listen and dance in the Italian discos during the summer, and that got me up and dancing in less than 30' (I was also singing for the bad luck of my roommate who had to listen to me) ;)

So, going back to the planning of my show... the first time I chose two songs in the big list available at the radio.. and they were both linked to the World Cup and the Italian team (Cuore Azzurro and Siamo fortissimi) I tried to link all the show to the soccer and World Cup topic. Which is not so hard...given the fact that if you want to give gossip news...almost every TV woman in Italy is married or it's the girlfriend of a soccer player :)

The second show (the last one I did) was linked to St. Valentine, love and the way men see and portrait women in the songs.... it's really interesting! Some say that you can't be their friend if you want a love story with them (883, la regola dell'amico), some others confirm that you do not have to treat them too well (I neri per caso, le ragazze)...there is also "Teorema" but I did not choose it because it's too slow. And then there are plenty of songs dedicated to the mums :) (Jovanotti, Ciao Mamma; Battiato, Viva la Mamma). It's very interesting!

I also wanted to give the recipe of a love potion during the show... but I could not find any love potion recipe available on the net... if you have any idea please send it to me and I will describe it during my next radio show hehe.

Please also tell me if you like any particular song or you have ideas for a theme for my show... I love to use other people's ideas ( eh?). If you do not have any idea... just listen to my show :) Every Saturday from 9am to 10am (East Canada time) or 3pm to 4pm (Swiss Italian time) on 97.9FM or and then you click on Ottawa 97.9 (as in the picture above)

Friday, February 02, 2007

About talented "squirrels", Groundhod Day!

Let's go back to the description of Canadian Traditions... today is the Groundhog Day! Yeeeey!

What? You don't know what a Groundhog is? neither did I.... :) A The groundhog (Marmota monax), also known as the woodchuck, or whistlepig, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots.

Groundhog Day or Groundhog's Day is a traditional festival celebrated in the USA and Canada on February 2nd. It is a cross-quarter day, midway between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox.
In traditional weather lore, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and fails to see its shadow because the weather is cloudy, winter will soon end. If the groundhog sees its shadow because the weather is bright and clear, it will be frightened and run back into its hole, and the winter will continue for six more weeks. But don't worry... this year the Groundhog (Phil) did not see it's winter will soon be over (what????? no more skating in the canal???)

For more info on the Groundhog Day and its originis (which apparently come from Europe) check wikipedia , for some pictures of this year Grandhog Day check the Globe and Mail
and for some Tourist info for this year's Grandhog Day...check this link :)

Squirrels are not only dangerous

they are also talented! :)
This is Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel, performs during a demonstration at the Tulsa Boat, Sport and Travel Show in Tulsa, Okla.
It looks very much as the animation movies animals :) However, I must say that Canadian squirrels are much more dangerous... This summer, a very mean squirrel tried to attack me in front of the CN tower in Toronto (while my boyfriend and my cousin were laughing a lot... I wasn't of couse). Now I can't see a squirrel with the same eyes than before...sniff sniff :'(
To confirm the story of dangerous canadian squirrels, some time ago there was an article in the news telling the story a post-woman in Canada had to go to the hospital after a squirrel attacked her when she was delivering the mail. (BEWARE OF THE SQUIRRELS) :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


What do I like the most about my new experience in the Radio? The possibility of listening to music.

You will think that's not much... I could listen to music even before. That's correct, but now I have to listen to the music to decide what to put on air during my show... and I even listen a lot more to the radio to pick some ideas for my show.

Furthermore... it's not only about picking some music... I'm listening all the time to Italian music (as I'm working for an Italian audience) :) and this brings so many memories to my mind!
It's incredible how every song makes you think to a specific moment of your life... not only because of the words, but also because you remember the period when you used to listen to it.

It used to happen to my dad... sometimes when we were listening to the radio in the car he would say "I used to hear this song when I was about your age... or I remember I bought a disc from this group in the USA to bring to Italy...etc." . Now I can do the same.... does it mean I'm old? Probably... hehe (Papi I'm not saying you are old).

Now I'm listening to DJ Francesco (that makes me think: GIMUN, Pina, Sabri, Raffa, MarcOlivier.... and also Junio Valerio... we were in a big hall of a Cheese Fondue Restaurant and we wanted everyone to start dancing. It wasn't an easy task as everyone was full of cheese but also full of white wine (that's what you are supposed to drink with the fondue). So we asked all the Italians in the room to help us make everyone dance. We successfully reached our goal generating a huge "train" with people dancing "sono il capitan Uncino" without understanding a word about it hehe.

The reason I chose Eros Ramazzotti for this post picture... it's because I was listening to him before, and this is the first CD I ever bought. I was in Argentina and I was about 11 years old. It was a very important CD to me... not only because it was my first one (it was very cool at that time to have a CD... I would bring it to parties with my name written on we did not have iTunes hehehe many disk would be lost or scratched :S) . Well this disc meant a lot to me because it was the first italian singer I liked!

The thing is that I grew up as an Italian in Peru and then Argentina, so I was not very much exposed to Italian music (besides what my Mum and Grandparents would listen to). So when people asked me "who's your favorite italian singer" I would always reply Pavarotti! Everyone was so impressed from a 10 year old kid being a Pavarotti fan... the truth was that I did not know anyone else!

Then Ramazzotti came.... even to South I could finally look as a kid of my age :). Some time later I bought also a CD of Jovanotti.... and knew all the songs by heart...even if I do not really remember how and where did I buy that disc. (PS. I also went to both singers' concert once a teen-ager in Switzerland... but that's another story)