Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! So long no see you :) but I'm still here ready to blog. I guess the weather conditions in Peru and in Switzerland and Italy were not so much propedeutical to stay at home and update my blog. That's a very positive side of Canada ... you see? Now I can stay home... and update my blog! (lucky you!) hehe

I just arrived back to Ottawa this Saturday from my beautiful Geneva and I'm glad the real cold waited for me in order to start (so polite). Today's weather? - 25. So what? In Lima as well they have around 25 degrees.... is it just a minus in front of it that can make the difference? ehm... probably yes. But look at the lucky part.... oh! I just hear in the radio that the termical sensation is -29!!!! I'm in my bed writing (I should get ready to go out instead)... but I don't know why (WHY?) I'm not particularly looking forward to that. I guess it's because it's harder than putting a kimono on! I have to wear 2000 layers of clothes! :)

I was thinking of wearing a skirt today.. but you know what? I think I changed my mind!

See you soon in my next post where I hope to have a little more content than this "oh...brrr..cold!!!!"

From cool Ottawa

This is Chiara for ;)


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