Monday, January 29, 2007

97.9FM...On Air!

You are listening to "La Nostra Voce" on 97.9 FM, ChinOttawa!

Again I've been a bit busy in the past week so I was not able to post all the news I have on my blog. Last week I went everyday to the Radio from 7h30 to 8h30 am (before going to work) in order to learn how to run a radio show :)... which buttons to press, how to reply to the phone, what to say, which numbers to give etc. My family and close friends were listening to the radio show from the Internet website every morning during the week from Lima, Boston, Geneva, Pavia and Sorrento.
This Saturday from 9h to 10ham was my first show alone :) I picked the music, the text and with a little help from Lena (the manager for the Italian shows) I was able to run the show. I had so much fun! And then people call to tell you that they like your show, they like your voice or they just want to dedicate a song to someone. It's such a great feeling! :)
It's so strange now that when I go to an italian event here in Ottawa people tell me "I know you from the TV...or I've heard you in the radio" hehehe... I always get shy at that point :D . But everyone is so nice and they always make nice it's also a great and encouraging feeling.
So from now on... every Saturday morning (or afternoon if you are in Europe) from 9am to 10am listen to my radio show... at least you will learn some Italian as the show is in Dante's language :)
PS. In the picture is not me hehe... I took the picture of the girl who hosts the show after mine. If you like Italian music connect to and listen to the Ottawa 97.9FM Show "La Nostra Voce" every Monday to Friday from 7am to noon or every Saturday from 9am to noon.


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