Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What a beautiful feeling! I'm at home! Yes! I'm in Lima.... I'm talking about the Italo-Peruvian me...or the Peruvian me. I don't know.
If you know me as Swiss, don't worry, I'm that as well. It's just that in my background, feelings, personality and etc. there is place for all of my cultural backgrounds. I don't feel 33% Peruvian, 33%Italian and 33%Swiss. I feel 100%Peruvian, 100%Italian and 100% Swiss...it just depend on the moment of the day, where I am, with whom I talk.... I guess I'm kind od a supermarked deal... you buy one and you get three (3x1) :) And I'm happy about that... (and I prefer not to talk about my 100%Argentinean... it would get things too complicated hehe).

Well, all of this is to tell you that after more than a month I'm back to blogging again from another part of the American Continent, the beautiful Peru!.

We just got here on Friday at Midnight, on the week-end we spend a lot of time with the family and on Sunday I met with my elementary school teacher and her Family. It was so nice! I saw her for the first time after some 15 years almost. We went to their beach house and then to the "El Silencio" beach and drunk Pilsen and Inca Kola, ate Ceviche and Sublime (Donofrio) Ice Cream... I could not define better a truly Peruvian Sunday! :)

The nicest thing is that whereever I go there are just too many souvenirs from my childhood here. And I enjoy each and every moment. I love it!

Sarita, the best place to stop and eat chicharrón on the way to the beach (or on the way back)

Eating Ceviche at the "el Silencio" beach


At 10:06 AM , Blogger DomL said...

Chiarasita, good to hear that you are in one of your 3, 4, 5 homes.. ;) enjoying yourself. But tell me: chicharrón, why the hec on earth chicharrón?! Vivi America del Sur!!

Que disfrutes y bailes!!


At 10:07 AM , Blogger DomL said...

oups, vivi > viva..

At 11:07 AM , Blogger Carissa )i( said...

Chicharrón? Eow, if it's the same thing they call chicharrón in Mexico, then enjoy your meal without me, LOL :-D :-D :-D

Otherwise: Great to see you're blogging again ;-) And as Dom said: Viva America Latina!! jajaja

At 4:08 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey! Well, I went on line to check why your experience with Chicharrón was not as good as mine and I think indeed we are talking about two different things... I guess

Chicharrón in Lima is just a peace of meet (usually pork) that you eat in a sandwich with camote (sweet potato) and garlic oh...and lemon I think. Mmmmmmmm yummy.... I think I'll have to go and take pictures of it to clarify the idea (I was not able to find a recipee)
However, if you google "chicharrón sarita el silencio" you will see that that dish and that place mean a lot to many many peruvians...and it's delicious! :)

Thanks for your comments Dom and Carissa, que viva América Latina! (pero sobretodo Perú y Argentina jeje)

At 11:24 PM , Anonymous samuelleiser said...

Hola Chiara!
Also for me - great to hear from you and from Peruvian Chicharrón! Parece muy sabroso! If I may comment on that issue as well: Here in Colombia Chicharrón is indeed similar to the one I got to know in Guatemala/Mexico - deep fried pig skin (or at least the outer layers...) - well, not the kind of meat I'd like to eat every day but from time to time - bastante sabroso! ;-)

En este sentido:
Viva Suramerica y todas su variedades de Chicharrón!!!

One more thing: here in Colombia they use the word "chicharrón" also in the sense of "bullshit..." (sth. you cannot or don't want to believe)

Entonces querida Chiarita, enjoy your time in (one of) your home many countries ;-)

Un gran abrazo desde Medellín,


At 8:58 AM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey Sami!!!! :D

I'm so happy to read your post! How are you? How is everything going in Colombia?

Well, after discussing with my family we did not really find an agreement on the way the Chicharrón is cooked (or we did but I forgot)...the sure thing is that here in Lima the Chicharrón is not just the skin, but it's the meet that is cooked. I will play more attention next time I go to Sarita :)
A big big hug!


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