Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hey! I'm still alive :) and finally back to blogging.

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping you updated with my life here in Ottawa... but I have multiple good excuses:

1. I must confess... I can be lazy some times
2. busy : lot of work
3. busy : lot of traveling around
4. busy : lot of extra activities

So, hoping you accept my wonderful and great excuses and my apologizes for such a long silence: here a brief summary of the last couple of months:
  • After I came back from Boston, I went to NEW YORK with Lukas and Francesco.
  • Actually we first went to have breakfast in Boston with my Mummy (by bus through Montreal) and then took a 15$ Chinese bus that took us to China Town in New York. In New York we met with Cintia and Thiego (Brazilian trainees in Ottawa and Toronto) and Rita (Hungarian Trainee in Ottawa)
  • Oh! and between my arrival from Boston and my departure to New York... I moved to a new apartment :) Now we have a trainees house in Ottawa, where Rita, Cintia and I live together!
  • Then my Daddy came to visit me. So I went to Montreal to meet him.
  • Then we came back to Ottawa so that my dad and my cousin could help me set up my new apartment and bedroom while I was working.
  • Then we went to Toronto so that we could include Lukas in the travel (even though he came as well to Montreal for the week-end)
  • Then we went to Niagara Falls (just a few hours)
  • Then we went back to Montreal where Lukas and I said bye bye to Francesco and my Dad who left for Italy and Switzerland.
  • Then there was the International Animation Festival in Ottawa where I went to attend some panels with my company and also to cover the event for an Italian local TV Show: Tele-30 (Rogers TV, Channel 22).
  • Then there was the AIESEC Ontario Regional Conference where I helped a tiny little bit as a facilitator.
  • This week I contributed again presenting the Italian Community TV Show.
  • This Week-end will be a long one so I'm going to Toronto tomorrow to catch a flight on Saturday morning and spend the week-end in Washington D.C. with Lukas
I think this covers the whole month (without pictures though). I will post some pictures later on about all these different and great experiences in Ottawa :)


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