Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Missing CH, Missing you

Originally I wanted to post something completely different... maybe about our travel to Washington, maybe about my uncle’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Gianfranco, 24!!!!) :), maybe about some interesting website I found or the net... but during the day everything changed.

As it's normal, when you are abroad, you have ups and downs (specially if you are a girl and Sagittarius...if I can add a bit superficially). Today is a bit down.

Everything started this morning with a song in the radio "Azzurro"....which is a great and positive song...but it brought back so many memories. I thought about Switzerland, about singing with my friends "Azzurro" in the disco (la Parf) and other songs such as "Sarà perchè ti amo".... great classic/vintage songs...usually played when the crowd is happy enough to just sing and dance on whatever music.

I miss my girls... Pina, Raffa, Sabri.... I miss being really stupid with you. But stupid in a different way... I just can't really explain...
The pictures I put here (up and below), kind of sintetize in some images those moments... but I have so many more in my mind (I don't have all those pics). About our travel to Sardegna, or Barcelona....and the night in Sitches (do we write it like that?).... and just missing ugly things as the Shakers in feuille de Banane.... the Italian Party in the HEI Cafeteria (and cleaning its floor at 5am....just before carrying 2 tons of garbage from one side to the other of the campus).

Some things today made me really miss all of that and the feeling of having friends around. I'm so looking forward to see you in December!!!

This does not mean that I am not enjoying the time spent here in Canada.... I just think its normal to have ups and downs...and I just wanted to thank you for all these memories together!

PS. This is my first kitch-mieloso-kind-of-emotional post in this blog... I hope you like it because it's probably one of the last ones... I don't like to write kitch-mieloso-kind-of-emotional things.... but I really wanted to share these pics, singing in my mind (just in my mind) the "Alexandrine Alexandra" music (so bad :S)


At 5:09 AM , Blogger Carissa )i( said...

Your LC misses and loves you too!!! :-D Gros bisous

At 7:37 AM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Thanks Carissa so much!
I was very happy when I woke up this morning, check my emails and saw that you left a message on my blog...specially for this post :)

Miss you too!
Miss my chickens :)


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