Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Lukas, Dad, Raffaela, Nonna and Francesco

I'm back in Ottawa! After a great Canadian Thanks Giving long week-end (spent in Washington D.C...I'll post about that great city later). I worked from Tuesday to Friday in Toronto and celebrated Lukas' first quarter of century with a little party at his place.

Once again thank you to all those who made it to the party... despite such scary date. It was nice to have all of you there :) However, I wanted to have a Halloween-pumpkin-making competition (meaning to do a Halloween face on a real pumpkin) but Lukas put his veto on that :(

So, if you forgot to tell Lukas happy birthday...don't worry! I'm sure that if you send him a big present he will be happy to forgive you ;)
Ok... I have to stop using so many smiles when I write... it starts to be disturbing!
I will soon post some pictures from Washington and the Party in Toronto. Stay tuned for that and for more info about the intern's house party in Ottawa next week-end.

This month birthdays: my Dad, Raffaela, Nonna (my grandmather) and Francesco (my cousin)


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