Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip Toronto-Quebec City (August 4th-6th 2006)

It has been over a week now and I still did not post any comments on our road trip from Ontario to Quebec from the August long week-end. So here there are some pictures and a wrap up of what we did (actually a copy-paste from the interns in Canada blog ) as I was too laisy to write everything again :) )

(Nintendo couple... loooove this t-shirts! ...outcome of the quick
Quebec-City shopping activity) (Sunday)

Lukas in front of Parliament Hill (Saturday early- afternoon, Ottawa), after our picnic there

Francesco and Chiara with a Quebequois couple. They were dressed like that because it was the "Fetes de la Nouvelle France" which is a celebration held every year in early August in remembrance of the early French colonial times. (we were there on Sunday afternoon)
The Picture above: Chiara and two Canadian Guards, (Saturday, Ottawa)
The picture below: Lukas and Chiara in Quebec-City (Sunday afternoon)

The Road Trip started path:

Toronto (departure Friday) to Ottawa (departure Saturday) to Montreal (pick up her cousin) to Quebec City (actually St.Anne de Beaux Pres as all the hotels in Quebec City were booked).

Our transport:
The little-Italy-mobile (as the papa-mobile, or bat-mobile...previous famous cars)
We were six in a small car (we supposed to be legal as there were 6 seat belts in the car -three in front and three in the back- but someone had to "duck" each time we saw POLICE).

The week-end's wrap up:
- On Saturday we did a picnic with Christian (LC OttawaU) and Rita (Hungarian intern) and many other friends in front of Parliament Hill (see the picture)... bread, prosciutto, mozzarella and knives and hour lunch was ready :)- then we left for Quebec and we got the first experience with Canadian speed limits :( .... we got a ticket for speed on out way to Montreal (so we were 5 in the car at that time), but we were lucky...we guess they had "SPECIALS" on that week-end as the gave us a ticket for 119km/h (the limit being 100k/h) instead that for 130k/h (which was our speed).- At 11pm we finally got to hour destination, were we previously booked two 3-beds rooms... to find out that of course they had just one room...and everything was full. At the end we squeezed three more beds in our room and as it was a mini apartment we made pasta and watched a DVD all together. - Sunday: Departure from St. Anne, visit to the Sanctuary (very famous) and to Quebec City, lunch, quick visit and then back in the car to go back to Montreal.- Monday: Shopping and then travel back to our destinations: Ottawa for me and Toronto for the others.

Great week-end... always in a rush though :)


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