Friday, August 04, 2006

From Ontario to Quebec

Great week-end to come! Finally another long week-end (at least in Ontario, not in Quebec) :) Our plan? Stay at home and watch TV... (just jocking).

We will leave this evening from Toronto and arrive to Ottawa, where I will show people around my little city :). Tomorrow morning: Go to Quebec City through Montreal (where we will pick up Francesco). We will stay in Quebec City and Sunday night we will go back to Montreal where we will spend the night. On Monday a bit of tour around (maybe some shopping hehe) and then the Torontonians (does that word exist?) will go back to their big city and beloved CN Tower, while I will go back to the Capital :)

Great week-end plan! I still have to charge my camera to take a lot of pictures and prepare my bag :). I'll better hurry up!

Who travels? Edmondo, Laura, Laura, Lukas, Francesco, Chiara
How? All squeezed in a car (with 6 places and sitbelts)
Where? Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City
Youppiiii :)


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