Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Toronto is a democratic city! Who said that just rich people could have their own sauna? Here in Toronto each person, animal, insect has the right to access a sauna! Just walk out the door... 45 degrees (sensation) and 75% humidity! I was feeling kind of bad yesterday with this weather. I got home and got an iced shower. Immediatly after that... I wasn't sure anymore if I was feeling cold, hot...or what! I'm lucky that in the warmest week since I've been in Canada I'm here in Toronto in Luka's air-conditioned house and not in Ottawa in my own sauna in the sauna flat! (where is hot even when outside starts to get colder....I don't want to know what's the feeling there right now!)


At 10:15 AM , Blogger Rob said...

Welcome to my world :o) Still, at least you can CHOOSE if you have an ice-cold shower...

How is life treatin ya?

Hugs from Bangkok

At 10:09 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey Rob!

So nice to read your comment :) Well...actually nice because I read you... but not that nice if you have this temperature every day! :S

Canada is really nice and my job very interesting...wonderful experience ;)

Hugs and hope to hear (read) from you often! ;)


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