Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boston here we go!

Back to blog again! This week from Boston!:)
I will stay here to be with my mum and I'll happily be able to work from here for one week... and then back to Ottawa to prepare my moving to the new house with the other two AIESEC inters (Rita and Cintia) and then go and visit New York for the long-week-end with Lukas, Francesco and Cintia (if you want to join us, let us know!)

PS. by the way.. this picture was taken in the pub that inspired the Hollywood famous serial named "Cheers".

This is Boston's Big Park on Arlington Street... I find really nice the statue and the park with high sky-scrapers as a background!

Walking on Newbury St. (I think that's the name of the shops street in downtown) we spotted these two Red Sox fans... unfortunately I think it wasn't a lucky match for this Bostonian team who lost also the few past games against the NY team.
(I believe that if Omer Simpson was a person... he would probably look like him!)

The nice sunset lightening on some Newbury St. chic homes... really nice!

Boston's North End... not far from Boston's oldest building and Little Italy... more pictures to come :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Roger's Cup :)

Go Federer!

I never imagined I would go to watch the best Tennis Player in the World in Toronto.
If you live in the moon and you don't know who I am talking about... I am talking about Swiss Tennis Player Roger Federer, who won this Sunday August 13th the Roger's Cup. The Cup is named after a huge telecommunications company sponsor and organizer of the event... so everyone was playing on the words joke calling it Roger's Cup insted of Rogers Cup hehe

It was very fun to be there (even if so far from the field). We could see perfectly the whole game from there. The challenger was a chilean player, Fernando Gonsalez and it was great to see all the Chilean supporters with their flags screaming "Viva Chile mierda" hehe very funny to see a bit of soccer ambience in a Tennis stadium (I wanted to launch an "ola" (wave) as in the soccer stadium.... but Lukas told me that was a bit inappropriate :( sniff sniff

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip Toronto-Quebec City (August 4th-6th 2006)

It has been over a week now and I still did not post any comments on our road trip from Ontario to Quebec from the August long week-end. So here there are some pictures and a wrap up of what we did (actually a copy-paste from the interns in Canada blog ) as I was too laisy to write everything again :) )

(Nintendo couple... loooove this t-shirts! ...outcome of the quick
Quebec-City shopping activity) (Sunday)

Lukas in front of Parliament Hill (Saturday early- afternoon, Ottawa), after our picnic there

Francesco and Chiara with a Quebequois couple. They were dressed like that because it was the "Fetes de la Nouvelle France" which is a celebration held every year in early August in remembrance of the early French colonial times. (we were there on Sunday afternoon)
The Picture above: Chiara and two Canadian Guards, (Saturday, Ottawa)
The picture below: Lukas and Chiara in Quebec-City (Sunday afternoon)

The Road Trip started path:

Toronto (departure Friday) to Ottawa (departure Saturday) to Montreal (pick up her cousin) to Quebec City (actually St.Anne de Beaux Pres as all the hotels in Quebec City were booked).

Our transport:
The little-Italy-mobile (as the papa-mobile, or bat-mobile...previous famous cars)
We were six in a small car (we supposed to be legal as there were 6 seat belts in the car -three in front and three in the back- but someone had to "duck" each time we saw POLICE).

The week-end's wrap up:
- On Saturday we did a picnic with Christian (LC OttawaU) and Rita (Hungarian intern) and many other friends in front of Parliament Hill (see the picture)... bread, prosciutto, mozzarella and knives and hour lunch was ready :)- then we left for Quebec and we got the first experience with Canadian speed limits :( .... we got a ticket for speed on out way to Montreal (so we were 5 in the car at that time), but we were lucky...we guess they had "SPECIALS" on that week-end as the gave us a ticket for 119km/h (the limit being 100k/h) instead that for 130k/h (which was our speed).- At 11pm we finally got to hour destination, were we previously booked two 3-beds rooms... to find out that of course they had just one room...and everything was full. At the end we squeezed three more beds in our room and as it was a mini apartment we made pasta and watched a DVD all together. - Sunday: Departure from St. Anne, visit to the Sanctuary (very famous) and to Quebec City, lunch, quick visit and then back in the car to go back to Montreal.- Monday: Shopping and then travel back to our destinations: Ottawa for me and Toronto for the others.

Great week-end... always in a rush though :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One month

One month ago... at this exact moment THE match was still going on. We didn't know if we would be World Champions or not. A whole country and all its nationals abroad (and there are many) were stick to a TV screen or to a giant screen in a public square, in a bar, at the beach.

I was in Toronto, eating my nails, nervous, with tears in my eyes...and hoping!
And then penalties... I thought, and for sure many did, it was over. We never managed to pass penalty kicks... but we DID it this time. No one did a mistake. Last penalty: Grosso! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! GOL GOL GOL (I know is Goal in English...but as everyone I was just thinking, speaking and screaming in Italian). It's history, we did it! My first World Cup (that I can remember, since I only had 6 months when we won last time).

So many years following the World Cup and hoping...and never managing to do it. The first World Cup I remember it was in 1990. I was in Italy because my Grandma was being visited by a Doctor and we all were there. I remember when we were in the Rasiglio house (Emilia Romagna) of a fiend of my Grandma, watching the TV. Then Maradona stop our dream. Then 1994, I was in Argentina, in an Italian school. We were just a few those who dared to wear an Italian t-shirt during the World Cup. The teachers let us watch the Argentinean matches during school hours, but not the Italian ones. So we managed with some italian schoolmates to follow it somehow...usually hiding a little radio during the class hours. And we got until the final. And then penalties, Robi Baggio missed it. We were off. 1998 and 2002 World Cups weren't very good. I followed both from Switzerland. In the first one we were out very early, in the second one we were stopped by Ecuador, not by South Korea. Just try to type Byron Moreno and you will understand. You will see that no one forgot.

And then 2006, I am in Canada. I followed every Italian match. I hoped. During the match I would imagine people in Italy watching the game. In the bars, squares, beaches and at home. And all those Italians abroad wrapped in their flag and doing the same I was doing at that moment. Then the moment we were waiting for so many years came. We won! And we don't care about people saying bad things about Italy, Italians, the Italian football (soccer), Italia mafia...we don't care. We won!!!

I found this text on an Italian blog (in Italian) that shows all the emotions a whole country felt in just disconnected words.



Cannavaro, Buffon, scommesse, intercettazioni, Moggi, serie B, ritiriamo la squadra, guidorossi, figlio di Lippi, gea, si parte, non mi dimetto, confermo Lippi.
Il Brasile dell’Africa, Pirlo la mette, Iacquinta e siamo una squadra fortissimi. Gilardino, Stati Uniti, De Rossi, sangue, Zaccardo autogol, siamo deboli, non c’è gioco, obbligati a vincere per la strada spianata. Materazzi vola, Inzaghi s’invola, Repubblica Ceka a casa. Australia, in dieci, Grosso, rigore, Totti, quarti di finale. Ucraina è Ucraina Toni!!!!! Germania, pizzaioli, mammoni, camerieri. Para Buffon, Kannavaro non si passa, supplentari, Pirlo illumina, Grosso a giro di sinistro: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Non ci credo, Del Piero a giro di destro: 2 – 0. Due pizze a casa, a Berlino ci andiamo noi!!! Finale con la Francia , rivincita, nervosi e tesi, calcio di rigore, Zidane cucchiaio uno a zero. Corner, vola ancora Materazzi in alto, più in alto, rete!!! Gol in una finale: sei un mito, sei un dio! Attacca la Francia, Ribery, Buffon. Kannavaro, c’è Kannavaro!!! Supplementari. Se vuoi la maglia te la do’ a fine partita, dagliela a quella puttana di tua sorella, testata. Rigori. Tiri tu!!! E’ sicuro mister?! Trezeguet traversa, non sbaglia nessuno.

Grosso: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Campioni del mondo, corre la panchina, abbracci a Lippi con il sigaro. Caressa, siamo campioni del mondo e vogliamoci tanto bene!!! Il cielo è azzurro sopra Berlino, Civoli. La coppa al cielo: Kannavaro! La festa al colossseo! POO-POPOPO-POOOOO…Sia - mo campioni del moo-ndooo….

Ridateci la gioconda.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nice pic

Great Week-End! I will post soon new pictures about it. I just wanted to post this picture from our Saturday pic-nic on Parliament Hill, just in front of the Parliament Building... I find this picture really funny. :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

From Ontario to Quebec

Great week-end to come! Finally another long week-end (at least in Ontario, not in Quebec) :) Our plan? Stay at home and watch TV... (just jocking).

We will leave this evening from Toronto and arrive to Ottawa, where I will show people around my little city :). Tomorrow morning: Go to Quebec City through Montreal (where we will pick up Francesco). We will stay in Quebec City and Sunday night we will go back to Montreal where we will spend the night. On Monday a bit of tour around (maybe some shopping hehe) and then the Torontonians (does that word exist?) will go back to their big city and beloved CN Tower, while I will go back to the Capital :)

Great week-end plan! I still have to charge my camera to take a lot of pictures and prepare my bag :). I'll better hurry up!

Who travels? Edmondo, Laura, Laura, Lukas, Francesco, Chiara
How? All squeezed in a car (with 6 places and sitbelts)
Where? Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City
Youppiiii :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


More than 1000 visitors to my blog in just a bit more than a month... wow! (hehehe positive side of having a big family eh?) ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nintendo Noise Makers

Please Santa Claus! I would like this...all of them. I think if I had to choose though, and really could keep just one, I would take the last one :)
Aren't they great?!? Those noices are so familiar! bring a lot of great souvenirs to my mind :)


Toronto is a democratic city! Who said that just rich people could have their own sauna? Here in Toronto each person, animal, insect has the right to access a sauna! Just walk out the door... 45 degrees (sensation) and 75% humidity! I was feeling kind of bad yesterday with this weather. I got home and got an iced shower. Immediatly after that... I wasn't sure anymore if I was feeling cold, hot...or what! I'm lucky that in the warmest week since I've been in Canada I'm here in Toronto in Luka's air-conditioned house and not in Ottawa in my own sauna in the sauna flat! (where is hot even when outside starts to get colder....I don't want to know what's the feeling there right now!)

Swiss National Day!

Probably great fireworks in Geneva today!