Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy birthday Canada...the funny part

Here you go some more pictures of Canada Day... in my view the most funny or interesting let's say.

First of all: who said that Ottawa doesn't know how to welcome Toronto fellows?
Toronto interns and aiesecer(Emil, Thiego and Lukas) can testify this is not true. They look something in between happy and unconfortable in this picture :) (I am the one who stopped the girls and asked them to have a picture with this Toronto boys)

Then the little "car" that can carry tourists around in a very Canadian way :) The fonctionning of the engine is more like the Flinston's car used to be(Los Picapiedra, I Flinston)...meaning a running guy :).

Last but not least... a Canadian invention! The social toilet! Who said that going to the toilet must be boring and you have to bring a book to read or start reading shampoos etiquettes? We are fare away ahead in Ottawa! You can bring a friend with you and have a lovely talk :) (I did not take this picture... this is a discovery from Emil in a Kebab restaurant in Ottawa) ;)


At 2:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent !!!

At 7:25 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...


Thanks... I imagine you are talking about the "social toilets" invention ;)


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