Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fateci sognare!!!!!!

Today is the day.... I can't believe we managed to get to the final. No one thought we could get here... after all what happened in the Italian football league and that Italian player, a friend of the Azzurri players, who risked to die and it is still in a hospital. But they did it!

Today I am nervous again.... we managed so many times to get so close from the cup... and then nothing, that I am trying not to believe in it too much. However, each time I thought about that tiny possibility of arriving to the goal...well tiars come to my eyes (they say that's the sindrome of the italian abroad). I can just imagine the whole italian peninsula getting organized to watch the game. Some at home with their family, some others at friends' houses... lots of people going now to the major squares to get the best positions to follow the match in giant screens installed specially for this occasion.

Last Tuesday I went to watch the game as usual at the Mac Laren's pub. I biked there from the office carring with me my computer in order to be able to work in the second half of the game... but I couldn't take out my eyes from the screen!
So many Germans were there for the match and very few italians. Not to count lots of random people who were neither Italians or Germans.... but did not want my team to win :(

It's incredible how the World Cup helps meeting and talking with people! I met two italian girls (second generation) that live in my neighbourhood.... we were all screeming and screeming at the end of the game (and singing loudly our anthem before the game).

Now.... I hope!!!!! Please Azzurri! Fateci sognare. Still a few hours left... I will try to keep breathing... I don't know how can they handle all this emotion and play... I am so nervous I can't breath or move. That's the World Cup power and my beloved team power!


At 4:11 PM , Blogger Sue said...

Hey Chiara, congratulations to Italy! It's just amazing, what else can I say! Wow, soooo cool! You really deserve that cup!

At 8:56 PM , Blogger Johnny K. said...


Congratulations on the game :) I also got a great laugh out of the photo you took with "The Torontonians" Emil, Thiego, Lukas and Canadian girls!

Did you come to Toronto this weekend? It would have been fun to host all 4 of you at our MC house :)


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