Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fateci Sognare!!!

I have so many things to write about this fantastic Canada Day week-end. Bust just one of them is really urgent... the World Cup!

This weekend was really busy. On Friday I finished working earlier in order to watch the Italian World Cup match for the Semi-finals. What an incredible joy! We won... and 3-0! As I said to many people, this was the first italian game that I remember not to have risked a heart-attack during the match. After the game I was so so happy, but I couldn't party it up or write about it because I had 15 minutes to bike home and be ready to go to a Cabaret Show at the Casino in Hall. The match ended at 10 to 5pm and some people came to pick me up at home at 10 past 5pm. I had to be quick biking home and changing quickly for the other show. But I was so match thinking about the match!

During the week-end I could not write neather because I had some guests for Canada Day and we had a very busy schedule with the event planned for Canada Day by Ottawa and Carleton University.

But today is again THE big day... I am so nervous and looking forward to the match! I can just imagine so many people nervous for my same reasons at this moment in Italy and around the World. I want so match to continue this dream. (I even had nightmares about the World Cup this weekend).

To small observations:
I have never seen so many people around with Italy's t-shirts. The funny thing is that if you stop them to ask "are you italian"... most of them will reply that they are not.

Such a funny "media-war" launched by the German newspapers about this event... ehy guys, take it easy! it's just football. Apparently a German newspaper, Der Bild (which is a very popular, gossipy and not really reliable newspaper) called people to boycott pizza. Isn't that funny? As Cannavaro said... if people do it... they do not know what they miss. And Lippi added "...well if they are the ones who cooked the pizza, then is better that they do not eat it". Some people in Italy suggested to do the same with German krauti...but then noticed that we already do not eat it hehehe. A part from the funny thing. To both saids, take it easy guys, and "che vinca il migliore".


At 4:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

grazie grosso e del piero

At 4:24 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Siiiiiiiiiii yuppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Grazie anche a Gilardino, Cannavaro, Buffon e tutti gli altri! Hanno fatto un lavoro fantastico! ... anche se come al solito mi stavano facendo morire di un attacco cardiaco! :)

At 4:27 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Grazie Raffa per il commento ;)

At 4:43 PM , Blogger Sue said...

Hey Girl, congrats to Italy! Great job!!!!!! Looking forward to watching the game on Sunday!

At 9:15 AM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey Sue :)

It was an incredible match! I couldn't believe it... and it was so great to scream gooooooooooooooool (I know in english is goal....but I scream in Italian you know) hehehe

Thanks for your post and good luck with your thesis!


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