Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Family week-end in Ottawa

First real Canadian week-end for Francesco, my cousin, who came from Montreal to visit me and the Canadian Capital, Ottawa. Francesco is also the first member of my family who comes to visit me in Canada... that's why I can consider it as our first Cosenza family reunion week-end in the new Continent. Let's say in the Union Jack, as I already had a family reunion week-end in the US with my mum.

Francesco arrived on Friday evening by bus, and we went to see the Parliament Hill lights show (here the link to see it live from the parliament hill web cam. The shows starts every day at 21h30, and 22h30 Ontario time - 6hours less than Europe). From the visual and sounds effects...we had a sensation of being in Disneyland...but we were at the heart of the Canadian Democracy. The whole show is a melting of colored lights and music telling the history and the identity of the Canadian Nation.

Then we joined some friends at "the Market", bars and pubs neighborhood in Ottawa. After a couple of beers we went back home to prepare for next day's barbecue and tour of Ottawa. Stay tuned for the rest of the story and pictures :)


At 11:26 PM , OpenID tiffandy427 said...

i know this is going to sound crazy but my great grandfather lived in canada and i know he had children there. please email me if you know of a Joseph Cosenza who died in Montreal on Jan 24 1934.


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