Friday, June 23, 2006

Yummi! My first Canadian Rib Festival

Mmm yummy! Tonight, just after work… we went to discover the Ribs Festival organized right into Ottawa’s downtown! What a delicious discover. :)

Who were there? Rita, the new Hungarian trainee, Kam, the Carleton student girl…who just had enough of us tourists going around and taking pictures…of just a food event! And me :)
For those in Ottawa who couldn’t join us (a special thought for Christian who was working, and Raluca who was studying) don’t worry! We will go again this weekend before the Festival ends.

• What is a ribs Festival?
Apparently it is part of the American/Canadian culture. A lot of cooking-teams travel with their trucks around Canada (but also around the USA) in order to make people taste their delicious barbecues. The funny thing is that they all have a table full of prizes and awards that prove that their ribs are just the best ones you can taste (mm but all of them have a lot of prizes). Some trucks come from Canada, the rest just come from all over North America (including Florida)

• Why to try it?
Well... the ribs are really good...and the teams are really friendly people. We were there this evening and we had fun talking and taking pictures with a lot of these people (and personally I could also talk with someone about soccer... what a pleasure!!! I almost forgot what it felt to talk about the World Cup!!!).

• And those who can't eat pork?
Well... no problem! There are cow ribs (we tested those as well and they are very very good). Some of the stands also promotion alligator and other animals ribs... we could not try everything though.

This weekend a group of people in Ottawa will still go to the Festival and maybe to the beach... so if you want to travel here just take the greyhound and leave here a post! We will tell you how to join us!

PS. To see more pictures, go to


At 3:17 PM , Blogger sarita said...

hola Chiara!
good to see you on nomadlife! did I ever tell you my brother in Peru remembered you from when he met you in Geneva? Although at first he confused you with Carissa, hihi...
hope you're having a cool time in Canada, seems you're enjoying the world cup from far away :-)
bisous, Sarah

At 6:35 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hey Sarita! hehe

Thanks for writing in my blog ;)

Hehe that's funny he remembers me from there... when he was asking me questions about Peru.. I am sure that now he knows a way more things than those I know about my own country :)

Well... Chiara...Carissa... similar names ;) how comes you ended up talking about that?
Please eat poullet au curry vert (feuille de banane) for me... it's on my "I miss" list hehehe
Hugs from Canada!!!!


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