Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not exactly what we expected...

Saturday 3:00pm (Ontario time).... we were ready to see the match. The plan was to go with Lukas to join some AIESECers to see the match at "El Diplomatico", in Little Italy. When Lukas and I got there, around 2:00 pm it was already too late... There were already a lot of people waiting to get a chance to enter to the restaurant and see the match. It was a bit of the same in every restaurant... So Lukas started to make a queue in another restaurant, hoping to get into it in time (and find a place near a screen) while I was checking other Little Italy restaurants and pubs for a better position. Finally I found it! With some kindness from the restaurant owner, italian speaker of course, we menaged to get a table not too far from the screen and not under the hot sun. Unfortunately...the match wasn't that good :'(

Next time... we'll see the match at home...and if we win...we'll go to Little Italy to party it out :)
I hope that it will happen very soon and frequently :)


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