Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nice weather in Ottawa welcomes Rita

After a rainy period, finally the spring-summer came back to Ottawa! Maybe to welcome out new intern Rita who just arrived from Hungary.
It is always tough to adapt to a new city, this is why we decided to go all together for a drink (and food...yummy) at the Market... at the Hard Rock Cafe that apparently was crowded by 13 year old teens (socorro!!).

It was a very nice evening that we ended up with a walk on the hill in front of Parliament Building...where you can see the Parliament "Castle" and on the other side of the river Quebec (Gatineau-Hull)... there was even a want-to-be-Jet-d'eau that made me think to my lovely Geneva...and Bains de Paquis (sigh sigh sniff sniff). Unfortunately we missed the sunset for a few minutes...this means that we'll have to go again soon!

Thank you for the lovely evening guys :)


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