Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nice lovely Fiat 500...by Pixar

I just loved the movie I watch this week end: Cars! With a slow start, the movie develops in a really enjoyable movie... where even F1 fans are taken in consideration. My favorite character? LUIGI, of course!!!! Fiat 500, great F1 supporter, which becomes the tyre's provider for the racing car which is the star of the movie. However, as a great italian FIAT car...his dream is to meet and serve a Ferrari! Will he be able to achieve his dream? Just watch the movie!

I could not find my favorite part of the movie in pictures, which is when Luigi gets dressed as a Ferrari Fan... but I'll keep looking for it! (I recognize myself in him hehehe) The best quote? When Luigi puts new tyres on the Porche ricing car... the Porche says "wow...almost better than a Ferrari"...and Luigi just says "emm..NO!" hehehe (Porche never better than Ferrari!) :)

Last thing... I think my grandfather should claim rights on that character! He's an Italian abroad, as the Fiat500, he sells FIAT auto parts in Peru, as the FIAT 500 sells tyres, he has plenty of Ferrari pictures in his shop, as the FIAT 500...and his name is Luigi...as the FIAT 500! :) But my grandfather was faster than a FIAT 500 when he used to drive as a ricing pilote...known as "lechuguita" (don't ask me why) and used to scare my mum's frieds who did not want any more to drive home with my mam's family hehe :)

Go to the cinema or rent the DVD and enjoy the movie!


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