Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In bocca al lupo!!!

In Italian: Raffi, Robi e Lorenzo... vi penso tanto dal Canada, in bocca al lupo per gli esami!!!!

In English:

Today is the big day in Italy. No... not because of the World Cup but because of the "Maturità", now called "Esame di Stato", which is the big final exam for the High School... once you get through it... it's over, you are done with High School and ready for University/Work.

The exam is organized on several days. The three written exams are today (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday. Then, starting next week, each student will have to present a topic and answer all kinds of questions in front of an 6/8-teachers commission (more or less an hour). Each teacher represents one or two subject. Half of them come from the student’s school, half are externals.

Today is the Italian redaction skills exam (a paper)... on a topic that can be literature, sports, philosophy, politics, whatever... and each year there is a whole debate before the exam on what could be the possible topics. My personal bets before the exam (just to try... it will be fun to see if tomorrow I guessed something):

- Literature: no idea... Pirandello?
- Actuality/Politics: War on Iraq, role of Italy with maybe some background of the role of Italy on previous alliances (I and II WW)
- General : the role of Football and the World Cup in the community of Nations. (I do not think it might be something related to the Football scandals because the titles are prepared in January or so I think)
- Random: Racism and Immigration in Europe

Well... the topics are never so simple. Usually you have even two pages just to set the title of the paper. But those could be general topics (each student can choose one of those titles). I will let you know tomorrow if my random-bet at 00:47a.m. was right or not! (actually the answers should be available in a couple of hours... exams start at 8am in Europe, 2am in Ontario). I am sure many kids are still studying right now (or they can't sleep because of the stress). Even students from Italian schools abroad are preparing for the same exam (all the schools in Italy have the same questions and all the italian schools abroad have also the same questions..but for "security" and program reasons, they are not the same than in Italy)

I remember my exam... it was on June-July 2000. I was in an Italian school in Lausanne (french side of Switzerland) and my whole class had to travel to Lugano in order to present the exam in front of an Italian commission. This travel made things a lot more fun..as it was more as a school travel. We were all in the same hotel and we went all to eat together, also to watch the European Football Cup that was held that very year. We went at least three times to Lugano. Each time witha 6hours train travel.

Unfortunately I do not have any picture from that... I screw up all my photo-film somehow. But I have great souvenirs! Specially:

- My Italian teacher trying to give me inputs before my oral test (I was the first one to be have that exam)
- My French teacher supporting me during the Math exam (In Spanish we would say that I was a "cheese" in maths..meaning that I wasn't good at all)
- The President of the Commission...who was from Castellammare di Stabia (near Naples) and looking through the identity cards, he discovered that I was from the South of Italy as well (Sorrento is less than 20 minutes from Castellammare di Stabia). He completely supported me since then hehe. During the oral examination he defended me against too hard questions and during another friend exam (where I was among the public) he called me just to ask me was would I study after High School (he wasn't suppose to do that during someone else's examination) hehe. Besides, during the Italian test he started yelling "look what we have here, she comes from Sorrento -una compaesana! -" in front of everyone else from Ticino doing my same written exam at that moment.


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