Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grazie Azzurri! Grazie Azzurri! Grazie Azzurri!

Youppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We are in!!!!! And first of our Group!

I am so happy... I was nervous since yesterday and this morning I came earlier to the office in order to be able to take a break for the World Cup!

I was supposed to go and watch the game in a Pub full of Giant Screens... but when I arrived was closed. Same thing for the pub in front of that one (even though it ad a sign stating "come and watch the World Cup here). How can they pretend so if then they close in the mornings??? Half of the big games are played in the morning (No sense!). I took my bike and went the fastest I could to a sad food court in front of my office. At least there was a screen showing the match! I was almost the only one cheering. Definitively I was the only one clapping when Italy score (not because the others cheered for the Checks...but because no one cared). And I was the only one willing to jump around, scream and do whatever after the match was over (of course I didn't... I just clapped a lot and did just 1 small little scream - at least 1!.

Sometimes is kind of painful to know that in your country...and in many other countries everyone is hugging, jumping, screaming GOL! and even crying because of this match and because of this score...and here...nothing :(. I just tried to figure an Italian beach, full of Italian fans in holidays in this period, with everyone in their bathing suits around the beach-bar watching the game...and I tried to imagine to be there sniff sniff. Then the match was over...and I realized I was in an empty sad food court sniff sniff. Whatever! I don't care! We are in! That's the only thing that matters now.

And now... Hop Schwiiz!!! Tomorrow is our day!


At 3:59 PM , Blogger Sue said...

Hey Chiara, cool to always find out of more and more ppl who are blogging!
Congrats to Italy, and keep on writing!

At 11:13 PM , Blogger Chiara said...

Hey Suzan!

Thanks for your comment :)
I am just starting..and actually is fun!
Hope to see you soon (otherwise I'll just check your blog ;) )


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