Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Germans, boycott Der Spiegel!

This morning I wanted to write something about the Italian and Swiss Football match. There were so many emotions linked to those events that I wanted to write lots of stuff and upload pictures. Unfortunately, one of the things I read this morning made me change my mind and post something about this "article". Which I wouldn't qualify as an article...and the person who wrote it can't be defined as a journalist.

● THE ISSUE: A famous German journal, Der Spiegel, which is supposed to be a kind-of-serious one published this morning an article related to Italy and the World Cup. Unfortunately, the article wasn't only a comment on the team and the World Cup, but just a collage of stereotypes and insults, which led Achim Achilles (the writer of this peace) to say that Italians were just parasites. It wasn't a sport metaphor or something, he made sure to insult all our culture, simplifying it to a bunch of stupid stereotypes. Some of the statements were against Italian mums, Italians in Rimini (famous Italian beaches for young people) who would take advantage of poor young German girls and went on insulting Italian men. His major statement being "the Italian men, are a parasite-type of life, and his preferred hosting animal is the big-tits-mama"

● MY COMMENT: I believe not all the Germans are and think like that. This is why I won't do that type of stupid comment full of stereotypes about Germany. And there are a lots of them out there. I just think that this kind of "superiority feeling" towards another culture lead to very tragic outcomes.

What hurts, is not the article of a stupid single guy (in italian we say that the stupid's mum is always pregnant...meaning that there are a lot of them in the World), what seems absurd to me is that a group of people, a redaction, an editor and a editor-in-chief decided to publish something like that.

● TO CONCLUDE: I think that those who should feel insulted by such an articles are not the Italians (we are the biggest Football funs and I have never read something like that on an Italian newspaper) but Germans. You should feel insulted by a journal that publishes this kind of articles and that gives such a retrograde image of your country. This is why I would like Germans to boycott Der Spiegel until that wanna-be-journalist and the editor-in-chief get fired.


At 3:56 PM , Blogger Carissa )i( said...

WHOA!! At least they changed the artice and apologized in the meantime...

Apparently, the British commentators weren't really friendly with the Swiss either. Would like to know what they said during the game

At 11:49 PM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Well... they just erased one of the "adjectives" about Italians and apologized about that specific adgective (parasites). But they just did it after so many complaints. However, they did not take out the whole article with the many things it said.

I still think a "journalist" like that and an editor-in-chief that let's such an article being published deserves to be fired.

I did not know about the English comments... where? which media? Anyways... they will have to regret their words in 2008, Swiss-Austria Euros we are coming, Hop Schwiiz! Forza Azzurri!


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