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Der Stronzen / Heil Spiegel by Beppe Grillo

Well.. I just wanted to share Beppe Brillo's view on the issue I presented in my previous posts.
I am glad to read that we have the same perspective: Der Spiegel (Der Stronzen) article is more an insult to German people than to italians. Therefore, the German government should react. In the meantime, let's boycott it (that's my idea).


Heil Spiegel
by Beppe Grillo

I read Der Spiegel. A friend translated it for me. After reading it I felt like one of those dads that hit their offspring every time they make a mistake, but if someone else does it they become like an angry beast. For many reasons, we Italians are disgusting, but compared to other people, for example the Germans, at least we recognise this. We know our defects and we are certainly not proud of them. If there’s people that talk ill of themselves, it’s Italians. Self-criticism is our personal pleasure.

Der Spiegel, taking the image of our footballers and broadening the concept to all Italians, call us forms of parasites, malignant mother lovers who take advantage of women, beach people, vainglorious, slimy, unable to live without an animal guest from which we suck as much as possible, with a primary objective in life that is continuous ostentation to seem tired, and in the case of footballers, preferring to play the ball to the ground so as to have a better chance of hitting the bones of the others.
Der Spiegel concludes by threatening the Italian footballers by declaring that if Germany meets them in the semi-finals, they, the Germans, have still got a couple of accounts open since their last Italian holiday.

Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s most widely read weeklies. I don’t know whether the opinion of their numerous readers is represented by what they have written.

It’s certain that traditional German hospitality is not like it was once upon a time if no Government source has yet taken up a position against the insults of Der Spiegel towards a guest nation.

A gesture of pride, employee Prodi! A telephone call to Chancellor Merkel to ask for action.
To the director of Der Spiegel and to the europenpusher author of the article, I can simply say that their words unjustly dishonour the German people, and not the Italians.


Der Stronzen
di Beppe Grillo

Ho letto Der Spiegel. Me l’ha tradotto un mio amico svizzero. Più che Der Spiegel dovrebbe chiamarsi Der Stronzen. Dopo la lettura mi sono sentito come quei padri che danno uno schiaffo ai propri figli ogni volta che sbagliano, ma se lo fa un estraneo diventano una belva. Noi italiani per molti versi facciamo schifo, ma rispetto ad altri popoli, ad esempio i tedeschi, ce ne rendiamo conto. Sappiamo quali sono i nostri difetti e non ne andiamo certo orgogliosi. Se c’è un popolo che parla male di sé stesso è quello italiano. L’autocritica è un nostro personale piacere. Der Stronzen, prendendo spunto dai nostri calciatori ed allargando il concetto a tutti gli italiani, ci qualifica come forme di vita parassitarie, mammoni maligni che sfruttano le donne, tipi da spiaggia, millantatori, viscidi, che non possono vivere senza un animale ospite dal quale succhiano più che possono, il cui obiettivo primario nella vita è l'ostentazione continua di affaticamento e, se calciatori, preferiscono giocare la palla a terra in modo da colpire meglio le ossa degli altri.Der Stronzen conclude minacciando i calciatori italiani affermando che se la Germania li incontrerà in semifinale, loro, i tedeschi, hanno ancora un paio di conti aperti dall'ultima vacanza italiana.Der Stronzen è uno dei settimanali più diffusi e letti in Germania. Non so se quanto ha scritto rappresenta anche l’opinione dei suoi numerosi lettori.Certo la tradizionale ospitalità tedesca non è più quella di una volta se nessuna fonte governativa ha finora preso posizione contro gli insulti di Der Stronzen rivolti a una nazione ospite.Un gesto di orgoglio dipendente Prodi! Un colpo di telefono al cancelliere Merkel per chiedere un intervento.Al direttore di Der Stronzen e al pennivendolo autore dell’articolo posso solo dire che le loro parole disonorano, ingiustamente, il popolo tedesco, e non gli italiani.


At 6:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three things:

1. Germans are EXTREMELY self-critical. It is bullshit to say that we are not.

2. It is ridiculous to say that the column of ONE person, published in ONE magazine is any reflect of the German people whatsoever. That is as ridiculous as saying that that bizarre article is any reflect of the Italian people. I did not read the column, but judging from what I read on your blog, the statements are so ridiculous and exagerated that I could not take them seriously, even if I tried. Nobody thinks like that, come on!!! (To reassure you, I do not know one single German that thinks like that, either.)

3. It is good that Spiegel online took the article off the net and apologized, but don't you think that an intervention from the government would give that thing way too much importance?



At 8:42 AM , Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Hi Anna,

Yhanks for posting and reading all this. I know I should keep things shorter.

I absolutely agree with you, and Beppe Grillo too. This episode just "ruined" the image of Germans in Italy. Even though they are not like that poor guy who wrote that article. This shows how harmful something like that can be.

I am happy to know that you, as a German, do not know one single German who thinks like that. That's really great. Even though, even in Switzerland I have received some unpleasant comments about being Italian (Italia Mafia and all that stuff...even from teachers) :S That's why articles as the one Der Spiegel published are so disgusting for me.

Besides, I think Angela Merkel should react. Not for Italy. But for all those Italians who now are Germans and who worked so hard helping Germany to develop after World War II. I think it must be hard to be in a country, feel integrated and then read stuff like that. It's just so unfair.

If you want the article in German I have it (I copy-pasted it on an email I sent to German-Italian friends). So if you want to read it I can send it to you.

And Go Argentina Go!!!! ;)

At 1:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not read the column, but judging from what I read on your blog, the statements are so ridiculous and exagerated that I could not take them seriously, even if I tried. Nobody thinks like that, come on!!! (To reassure you, I do not know one single German that thinks like that, either.)
I know 90% of Germans that agree 100% with what this Achilles said, and I am a spaghettifresser living in Munich, so I KNOW WHAT I AM SPEAKING ABOUT.
Regarding the point that "the statements are so ridiculous and exagerated that I could not take them seriously,"... then you should not be so angry when our politicians, like Stefani or Berlusconi said that you are people drinking beer and not respecting the rules when you come to italy.... or I am wrong ?
It seems to me that you understand:
--> "scheisse ausländer spaghettifresser und parasit" = satire
--> aber "deutsche blond beertrinker" --> insult to which you feel obliged to react boicotting vacation to Italy,
right ???
I personally hope to go back to Italy asap and to NEVER COME BACK TO THIS RASSIST LAND (GERMANY!)
with Kind Regards,


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