Monday, June 26, 2006

1...2...3... and 4!

I am not counting Goals... but trainees!!!

We are now 4 AIESEC trainees working in Ottawa. Two for the government (Verena from Austria and Cintia -new intern-from Brazil) and two for the private sector (Rita from Hungary and me...). I am looking to have fun with you this summer in Ottawa :) (as I do not have the option to go to the beach in Europe...well I'll have to find a way to enjoy the good weather from here.

So... Here some pictures of the tour of Ottawa.. we took her to see the usual tourist path... parliament hill and as it ended yesterday.. the Ribs Festival.

I know today is a day where there is a lot to say about Football... but I wanted to talk about more "calm" issues before I get "football-minded"... :)


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