Friday, June 30, 2006

No es justo... :'(

Did I already say that I hate penalties?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

And now... CALCIO! Football!

Ok, I am nervous again. It is Thursday June the 29th at night. Actually since it is almost 1 am I should say that it is already the 30th. And in Europe the sun already rised. Today is the big day. We are on the World Cup quarters of finals. 8 teams will play in order to know who are the best 4 and who will meet who in the semifinals.

Up to now, two of my teams (Italy and Argentina) made it. One (Switzerland) did not. So I can say that I am overall happy. Nevertheless, each time that an Italian game approaches... I know that I will risk a heart attack (seriously, I do not know how elderly people can handle it).

Unfortunately I will not be able to see the morning match between Argentina and Germany. It is such a pity! All the matches that will be played from now on really worth to be seen. And come on... the World Cup is only once every four years! And the next one in Europe will not be sooner than 12 years from now!

Argentina-Germany.... such a great match and so many things to solve. Argentina still wants the revenge from Italia90. When the German team won against them the World Cup. The Germans on their side, know they will meet one of the favorites of this World Cup (maybe THE favourite of the tournament after Spain lost). And I truly hope Argentina will win! Not only because I have always supported Argentina, but also because I want Argentina to still the dream to "some publishers"... (every reference to a German journal article is intended to be so) :)

Italy-Ukraine. I am always scared of the matches where they say we are the favorite team... it's so stressful and Italy always manages to play in a way that will keep your breath away fot the entire 90 minutes of the match. Sometimes I wonder if watching the World Cup should really be defined as something fun. I think only when you watch another team and you are less involved in the result of the game. One example? Portugal-Netherlands in this World Cup... that match was a real show and I am really happy I did not miss it!!!

About the last game. Last Monday started as the one that could be my favorite day of the week: At 2h40 I went out from the office and took my bike towards a pub named Griffins. This time I got out of the office a bit earlier in order to avoid surprises and be ready to find an option B if the pub where I was planning to see the match wasn't open. Luckily it was open and I could see the whole match with audio! On my way, I biked in front of the Check Republic Embassy (when we had the match against them, I accidentally passed in front of that building and it brought us luck. I was looking for the same kind of thing to happened! And in some weird did! We won!

At the 80st minute of the match I went to the washroom... I didn't really go because I needed to... but because since I was watching the final of the 98 Euro Cup, Italy against France, a French guy went to the washroom when everyone thought Italy had already won. During those few minutes France scored and everything turned against us. Since then... I incorporated a visit to the washroom in my cabalas' list before and during an important Football match. I can just say that it worked during Italy-Ghana at the beginning of the tournament. But it did not work for Switzerland :,(

Then, the last minutes of the match. I was already thinking to the penalties... and what they do mean to Italy. We found our way home with the penalties in our three last World Cup experiences. I really think I can say I have some sort of penalty-trauma. When I saw that the referee accorded us a penalty
(I know it can seem stupid) but I really had tears in my eyes. So many emotions, feelings and memories of the past World Cups. And the awareness that those same thoughts were in the minds of millions of Italians in our peninsula and abroad. Including the 11 men in the field. Too many emotions to handle.
When they scored the penalty it was as a slow motion camera. And I could not believe to my eyes, I could not believe the match was over and we won! we won! we are in the Quarters of finals! Such a deep happiness!

In the afternoon I also went to see Switzerland-Ukraine, where Switzerland was the favorite. From the morning to the afternoon I changed (in the morning I was dressed as an Italian supporter and in the afternoon as a Swiss supporter). In order not to confuse the bar's waiters... I opted to change pub and watch the second game in another pub named MacLarens' (as the street were it is, not as the F1 team).

I felt so happy at that moment! In the table next to mine there were a lot of italian men. From their 40s to their 70s I think. They were all drinking red wine (which they offered me when they discovered I was Italian as well) and pizza. The best thing? I could overhear them speaking in Italian... and about the World Cup. About teams, players, weather, organization , everything! I could almost feel at home. Because I know that is the kind of debate that everyone is having in Italy right now. In the beach, in the mountains, at home... everyone is focused on the World Cup!

Unfortunately Switzerland lost that afternoon and that made me quite sad. Still unfortunately some news from Italy (Pessotto's experience) make the World Cup lose a bit of its importance. That great player was depressed and he tried to commit suicide (apparently). Everyone in Italy and in the italian team is affected by that. Because this guy is a great player and a very human person. I really hope he wil get better and all his family as well.

And now... quarters, we are coming

and good night... my eyes are closing and I have to read twice whatever I write because in the middle of a sentence I just start forgetting and fell asleep.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Der Stronzen / Heil Spiegel by Beppe Grillo

Well.. I just wanted to share Beppe Brillo's view on the issue I presented in my previous posts.
I am glad to read that we have the same perspective: Der Spiegel (Der Stronzen) article is more an insult to German people than to italians. Therefore, the German government should react. In the meantime, let's boycott it (that's my idea).


Heil Spiegel
by Beppe Grillo

I read Der Spiegel. A friend translated it for me. After reading it I felt like one of those dads that hit their offspring every time they make a mistake, but if someone else does it they become like an angry beast. For many reasons, we Italians are disgusting, but compared to other people, for example the Germans, at least we recognise this. We know our defects and we are certainly not proud of them. If there’s people that talk ill of themselves, it’s Italians. Self-criticism is our personal pleasure.

Der Spiegel, taking the image of our footballers and broadening the concept to all Italians, call us forms of parasites, malignant mother lovers who take advantage of women, beach people, vainglorious, slimy, unable to live without an animal guest from which we suck as much as possible, with a primary objective in life that is continuous ostentation to seem tired, and in the case of footballers, preferring to play the ball to the ground so as to have a better chance of hitting the bones of the others.
Der Spiegel concludes by threatening the Italian footballers by declaring that if Germany meets them in the semi-finals, they, the Germans, have still got a couple of accounts open since their last Italian holiday.

Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s most widely read weeklies. I don’t know whether the opinion of their numerous readers is represented by what they have written.

It’s certain that traditional German hospitality is not like it was once upon a time if no Government source has yet taken up a position against the insults of Der Spiegel towards a guest nation.

A gesture of pride, employee Prodi! A telephone call to Chancellor Merkel to ask for action.
To the director of Der Spiegel and to the europenpusher author of the article, I can simply say that their words unjustly dishonour the German people, and not the Italians.


Der Stronzen
di Beppe Grillo

Ho letto Der Spiegel. Me l’ha tradotto un mio amico svizzero. Più che Der Spiegel dovrebbe chiamarsi Der Stronzen. Dopo la lettura mi sono sentito come quei padri che danno uno schiaffo ai propri figli ogni volta che sbagliano, ma se lo fa un estraneo diventano una belva. Noi italiani per molti versi facciamo schifo, ma rispetto ad altri popoli, ad esempio i tedeschi, ce ne rendiamo conto. Sappiamo quali sono i nostri difetti e non ne andiamo certo orgogliosi. Se c’è un popolo che parla male di sé stesso è quello italiano. L’autocritica è un nostro personale piacere. Der Stronzen, prendendo spunto dai nostri calciatori ed allargando il concetto a tutti gli italiani, ci qualifica come forme di vita parassitarie, mammoni maligni che sfruttano le donne, tipi da spiaggia, millantatori, viscidi, che non possono vivere senza un animale ospite dal quale succhiano più che possono, il cui obiettivo primario nella vita è l'ostentazione continua di affaticamento e, se calciatori, preferiscono giocare la palla a terra in modo da colpire meglio le ossa degli altri.Der Stronzen conclude minacciando i calciatori italiani affermando che se la Germania li incontrerà in semifinale, loro, i tedeschi, hanno ancora un paio di conti aperti dall'ultima vacanza italiana.Der Stronzen è uno dei settimanali più diffusi e letti in Germania. Non so se quanto ha scritto rappresenta anche l’opinione dei suoi numerosi lettori.Certo la tradizionale ospitalità tedesca non è più quella di una volta se nessuna fonte governativa ha finora preso posizione contro gli insulti di Der Stronzen rivolti a una nazione ospite.Un gesto di orgoglio dipendente Prodi! Un colpo di telefono al cancelliere Merkel per chiedere un intervento.Al direttore di Der Stronzen e al pennivendolo autore dell’articolo posso solo dire che le loro parole disonorano, ingiustamente, il popolo tedesco, e non gli italiani.

Red card to Der Spiegel

Following the reactions to "Der Spiegel" article. They decided (finally!) to take out the article and apologize. I think that's the minimum they could do, probably following some pressures even from the German politicians. I do not think they did have much of a choice.

I copy-pasted their note here (in German, Italian and English). However, I still believe that Germans should boycott Der Spiegel until the Editor in Chief and Achilles are fired from the newspaper. They insulted Germans (as I previously explained) and all the hard-worker Italians who emigrated to Germany many years ago. They also went against any "European Union" feeling or effort. Therefore against the efforts of their own government.

As Alessandro Nesta said in this morning interview: "Italians are hard-workers who went abroad to work. Foreigners (meaning Der Spiegel in this case) criticize us but then want to eat and dress as we do. There is probably a bit of jealousy"

Here the newspaper's excuses:

Introduction in German:

In eigener Sache

Satire darf giftig sein, muss zuspitzen, übertreiben. Sie darf aber nicht so missverständlich sein, dass sie nur beleidigt. Die Kolumne "Eingeölt und angeschmiert", die SPIEGEL ONLINE am Dienstag veröffentlicht hat, ist solch ein Fall.

Apology in English

An Apology to our Readers

Satire can be poisonous, pointed, even exaggerated. But it should never be so clumsily executed as to merely be insulting. The column, "Eingölt und angeschmiert" (Oiled up and greasy), published in German on SPIEGEL ONLINE on Tuesday, unfortunately, was one of those instances.

In his writing for SPIEGEL ONLINE, Achim Achilles was commissioned to formulate a column that explores the boundries of political correctness. In almost every instance, he has succeeded -- demonstrating wit and charm. In this instance, however, that unfortunately wasn't the case. In several passages, his column crossed the boundary between good and bad taste. In others, he amassed clichés that, in their sum, led to considerable misunderstanding and anger.

The editor in chief and executive editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE apologize for the publication of an unedited version of the column. We had no intention of hurting the feelings of others in the manner that this column has done.

On Tuesday, the column was edited and an editor's note was attached in German and Italian providing an apology for the incident. Earlier today, we removed the article in its entirety from SPIEGEL ONLINE.


The Editor in Chief and Executive Editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE

Apology in Italian

A proposito di Achilles:
Perorando la nostra causa

La satira puo essere velenosa, pungente, esagerata. Però non deve mai dare adito a fraintendimenti, così da risultare solo offensiva. Questo è accaduto con la colonna "Eingeölt und angeschmiert" ("Unti e fregati") pubblicata martedì da SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Il nostro autore Achim Achilles è incaricato di scrivere i suoi articoli al limite della political incorrectness. Gli riesce quasi sempre con spirito e charme - ma non questa volta. In alcuni passaggi il suo articolo ha superato i limiti della decenza, in altri ha messo insieme tutt'una serie di luoghi comuni, che hanno portato ad incomprensioni e proteste.

La Direzione di SPIEGEL ONLINE si scusa per aver pubblicato l'articolo in questione senza averlo precedentemente rivisto. Non avevamo e non abbiamo l'intenzione di ferire i sentimenti altrui, com'è invece successo evidentemente con quel testo.

Già ieri abbiamo aggiunto una nostra nota di scuse in italiano ed in tedesco all'articolo. Ma oggi abbiamo provveduto a toglierlo definitivamente da SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Vi saluta

La Direzione


Apology in German

Unser Kolumnist Achim Achilles hat den Auftrag, an der Grenze zur political uncorrectness zu formulieren. Das gelingt fast immer mit Witz und Charme. In diesem Fall nicht. Seine Kolumne überschritt in einigen Passagen die Grenzen des guten Geschmacks, in anderen häufte er Klischees an, die in der Summe zu Missverständnissen und Empörung geführt haben.

Dass der Text unredigiert veröffentlicht wurde, dafür bittet die Chefredaktion von SPIEGEL ONLINE um Verzeihung. Es war und ist nicht unsere Absicht, die Gefühle von Menschen zu verletzen, wie es offenkundig durch diese Kolumne geschehen ist.

Bereits gestern haben wir in einem redaktionellen Zusatz an dem geänderten Artikel auf Deutsch und Italienisch um Entschuldigung gebeten. Heute nun haben wir ihn komplett aus dem Angebot von SPIEGEL ONLINE entfernt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Chefredaktion, SPIEGEL ONLINE

PS. I will also boycott Audi who had its advertisement on that page. Advertisers should be more attentive of where do they place their advertisements. (I don't have the money anyways... but I will one day :) )

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Germans, boycott Der Spiegel!

This morning I wanted to write something about the Italian and Swiss Football match. There were so many emotions linked to those events that I wanted to write lots of stuff and upload pictures. Unfortunately, one of the things I read this morning made me change my mind and post something about this "article". Which I wouldn't qualify as an article...and the person who wrote it can't be defined as a journalist.

● THE ISSUE: A famous German journal, Der Spiegel, which is supposed to be a kind-of-serious one published this morning an article related to Italy and the World Cup. Unfortunately, the article wasn't only a comment on the team and the World Cup, but just a collage of stereotypes and insults, which led Achim Achilles (the writer of this peace) to say that Italians were just parasites. It wasn't a sport metaphor or something, he made sure to insult all our culture, simplifying it to a bunch of stupid stereotypes. Some of the statements were against Italian mums, Italians in Rimini (famous Italian beaches for young people) who would take advantage of poor young German girls and went on insulting Italian men. His major statement being "the Italian men, are a parasite-type of life, and his preferred hosting animal is the big-tits-mama"

● MY COMMENT: I believe not all the Germans are and think like that. This is why I won't do that type of stupid comment full of stereotypes about Germany. And there are a lots of them out there. I just think that this kind of "superiority feeling" towards another culture lead to very tragic outcomes.

What hurts, is not the article of a stupid single guy (in italian we say that the stupid's mum is always pregnant...meaning that there are a lot of them in the World), what seems absurd to me is that a group of people, a redaction, an editor and a editor-in-chief decided to publish something like that.

● TO CONCLUDE: I think that those who should feel insulted by such an articles are not the Italians (we are the biggest Football funs and I have never read something like that on an Italian newspaper) but Germans. You should feel insulted by a journal that publishes this kind of articles and that gives such a retrograde image of your country. This is why I would like Germans to boycott Der Spiegel until that wanna-be-journalist and the editor-in-chief get fired.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Swimming in Ottawa

As you might imagine, as every foreigner I miss some things about my country/ies. In this season, I really miss the chance to go the beach in Sorrento, travel to the beach in Sardegna or Croatia...or even just les Bains de Paquis in the lake of Geneva. Actually.. I miss just that fresh sensation of swimming in the sun. Specially in a place with such a nice landscape as Sorrento (you can see it in the picture behind).

Being a proactive person... I decided to take this situation in my hands and find a solution to my problems: my own urban swimming pool. Maybe it looks a bit small, but it works if you do not have to share it with other people. Actually if you seat in the right spot you could even have a yacuzzi! (I didn't try that, but it would be the first free SPA right in the middle of Ottawa.

What else can I say? Splash! Splash!

1...2...3... and 4!

I am not counting Goals... but trainees!!!

We are now 4 AIESEC trainees working in Ottawa. Two for the government (Verena from Austria and Cintia -new intern-from Brazil) and two for the private sector (Rita from Hungary and me...). I am looking to have fun with you this summer in Ottawa :) (as I do not have the option to go to the beach in Europe...well I'll have to find a way to enjoy the good weather from here.

So... Here some pictures of the tour of Ottawa.. we took her to see the usual tourist path... parliament hill and as it ended yesterday.. the Ribs Festival.

I know today is a day where there is a lot to say about Football... but I wanted to talk about more "calm" issues before I get "football-minded"... :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Yummi! My first Canadian Rib Festival

Mmm yummy! Tonight, just after work… we went to discover the Ribs Festival organized right into Ottawa’s downtown! What a delicious discover. :)

Who were there? Rita, the new Hungarian trainee, Kam, the Carleton student girl…who just had enough of us tourists going around and taking pictures…of just a food event! And me :)
For those in Ottawa who couldn’t join us (a special thought for Christian who was working, and Raluca who was studying) don’t worry! We will go again this weekend before the Festival ends.

• What is a ribs Festival?
Apparently it is part of the American/Canadian culture. A lot of cooking-teams travel with their trucks around Canada (but also around the USA) in order to make people taste their delicious barbecues. The funny thing is that they all have a table full of prizes and awards that prove that their ribs are just the best ones you can taste (mm but all of them have a lot of prizes). Some trucks come from Canada, the rest just come from all over North America (including Florida)

• Why to try it?
Well... the ribs are really good...and the teams are really friendly people. We were there this evening and we had fun talking and taking pictures with a lot of these people (and personally I could also talk with someone about soccer... what a pleasure!!! I almost forgot what it felt to talk about the World Cup!!!).

• And those who can't eat pork?
Well... no problem! There are cow ribs (we tested those as well and they are very very good). Some of the stands also promotion alligator and other animals ribs... we could not try everything though.

This weekend a group of people in Ottawa will still go to the Festival and maybe to the beach... so if you want to travel here just take the greyhound and leave here a post! We will tell you how to join us!

PS. To see more pictures, go to

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grazie Azzurri! Grazie Azzurri! Grazie Azzurri!

Youppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We are in!!!!! And first of our Group!

I am so happy... I was nervous since yesterday and this morning I came earlier to the office in order to be able to take a break for the World Cup!

I was supposed to go and watch the game in a Pub full of Giant Screens... but when I arrived was closed. Same thing for the pub in front of that one (even though it ad a sign stating "come and watch the World Cup here). How can they pretend so if then they close in the mornings??? Half of the big games are played in the morning (No sense!). I took my bike and went the fastest I could to a sad food court in front of my office. At least there was a screen showing the match! I was almost the only one cheering. Definitively I was the only one clapping when Italy score (not because the others cheered for the Checks...but because no one cared). And I was the only one willing to jump around, scream and do whatever after the match was over (of course I didn't... I just clapped a lot and did just 1 small little scream - at least 1!.

Sometimes is kind of painful to know that in your country...and in many other countries everyone is hugging, jumping, screaming GOL! and even crying because of this match and because of this score...and here...nothing :(. I just tried to figure an Italian beach, full of Italian fans in holidays in this period, with everyone in their bathing suits around the beach-bar watching the game...and I tried to imagine to be there sniff sniff. Then the match was over...and I realized I was in an empty sad food court sniff sniff. Whatever! I don't care! We are in! That's the only thing that matters now.

And now... Hop Schwiiz!!! Tomorrow is our day!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In bocca al lupo!!!

In Italian: Raffi, Robi e Lorenzo... vi penso tanto dal Canada, in bocca al lupo per gli esami!!!!

In English:

Today is the big day in Italy. No... not because of the World Cup but because of the "Maturità", now called "Esame di Stato", which is the big final exam for the High School... once you get through it... it's over, you are done with High School and ready for University/Work.

The exam is organized on several days. The three written exams are today (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday. Then, starting next week, each student will have to present a topic and answer all kinds of questions in front of an 6/8-teachers commission (more or less an hour). Each teacher represents one or two subject. Half of them come from the student’s school, half are externals.

Today is the Italian redaction skills exam (a paper)... on a topic that can be literature, sports, philosophy, politics, whatever... and each year there is a whole debate before the exam on what could be the possible topics. My personal bets before the exam (just to try... it will be fun to see if tomorrow I guessed something):

- Literature: no idea... Pirandello?
- Actuality/Politics: War on Iraq, role of Italy with maybe some background of the role of Italy on previous alliances (I and II WW)
- General : the role of Football and the World Cup in the community of Nations. (I do not think it might be something related to the Football scandals because the titles are prepared in January or so I think)
- Random: Racism and Immigration in Europe

Well... the topics are never so simple. Usually you have even two pages just to set the title of the paper. But those could be general topics (each student can choose one of those titles). I will let you know tomorrow if my random-bet at 00:47a.m. was right or not! (actually the answers should be available in a couple of hours... exams start at 8am in Europe, 2am in Ontario). I am sure many kids are still studying right now (or they can't sleep because of the stress). Even students from Italian schools abroad are preparing for the same exam (all the schools in Italy have the same questions and all the italian schools abroad have also the same questions..but for "security" and program reasons, they are not the same than in Italy)

I remember my exam... it was on June-July 2000. I was in an Italian school in Lausanne (french side of Switzerland) and my whole class had to travel to Lugano in order to present the exam in front of an Italian commission. This travel made things a lot more it was more as a school travel. We were all in the same hotel and we went all to eat together, also to watch the European Football Cup that was held that very year. We went at least three times to Lugano. Each time witha 6hours train travel.

Unfortunately I do not have any picture from that... I screw up all my photo-film somehow. But I have great souvenirs! Specially:

- My Italian teacher trying to give me inputs before my oral test (I was the first one to be have that exam)
- My French teacher supporting me during the Math exam (In Spanish we would say that I was a "cheese" in maths..meaning that I wasn't good at all)
- The President of the Commission...who was from Castellammare di Stabia (near Naples) and looking through the identity cards, he discovered that I was from the South of Italy as well (Sorrento is less than 20 minutes from Castellammare di Stabia). He completely supported me since then hehe. During the oral examination he defended me against too hard questions and during another friend exam (where I was among the public) he called me just to ask me was would I study after High School (he wasn't suppose to do that during someone else's examination) hehe. Besides, during the Italian test he started yelling "look what we have here, she comes from Sorrento -una compaesana! -" in front of everyone else from Ticino doing my same written exam at that moment.

New Baby-blogger

Hi Nomads :)

After reading so many blogs of AIESEC friends (namely, Carissa, Sarah and Dom) I got infected with the blogging-fever... (I guess). After a small try out of this new tool I think that I finally got into it. So I will start posting stuff here from now on :) Please feel free to leave any comments (well...not any any kind hehe).

For the non-aiesecers readers of my blog: is a blogging community of many AIESECers in the World. They all share their thoughts and blogs through the blogging platform.

What is AIESEC? well... for the very few that do not know it among my friends/family... AIESEC is the organization that let me find my traineeship in Canada (to make it simple). Discover more about it on

Nice lovely Fiat Pixar

I just loved the movie I watch this week end: Cars! With a slow start, the movie develops in a really enjoyable movie... where even F1 fans are taken in consideration. My favorite character? LUIGI, of course!!!! Fiat 500, great F1 supporter, which becomes the tyre's provider for the racing car which is the star of the movie. However, as a great italian FIAT car...his dream is to meet and serve a Ferrari! Will he be able to achieve his dream? Just watch the movie!

I could not find my favorite part of the movie in pictures, which is when Luigi gets dressed as a Ferrari Fan... but I'll keep looking for it! (I recognize myself in him hehehe) The best quote? When Luigi puts new tyres on the Porche ricing car... the Porche says "wow...almost better than a Ferrari"...and Luigi just says "emm..NO!" hehehe (Porche never better than Ferrari!) :)

Last thing... I think my grandfather should claim rights on that character! He's an Italian abroad, as the Fiat500, he sells FIAT auto parts in Peru, as the FIAT 500 sells tyres, he has plenty of Ferrari pictures in his shop, as the FIAT 500...and his name is the FIAT 500! :) But my grandfather was faster than a FIAT 500 when he used to drive as a ricing pilote...known as "lechuguita" (don't ask me why) and used to scare my mum's frieds who did not want any more to drive home with my mam's family hehe :)

Go to the cinema or rent the DVD and enjoy the movie!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The World Cup spirit... you can feel it...but can't describe it

No... this wasn't my office... but an office in Argentina (I guess you could see the same image in almost every office, house, bar, street in Buenos Aires and Argentina).
I just found this description (in spanish) of the feeling of doing a great show in the World Cup... I don't think everyone can understand why this means so much. I would not be able to explain it... but I would just say go...and get "infected" by the football fever!

I just wish I could be there during that show... (I think is even better than being at the stadium in Germany being part of an historical match), as I wish I could be in Italy enjoying the match from a screen near the sea during the Italian matches... I think I wish too many things hehe.

So, here the first part of the text I liked so much (in spanish) and the link to read the rest of it. Again, AGUANTE ARGENTINA CARAJO!

" Viernes 16 de Junio de 2006
4. Siga el baile

La fiesta ha sido imparable. En Buenos Aires la euforia se huele, sin necesidad de respirar. “¡Aguante Argentina, carajo!”, se repite en cada esquina, mientras la gente baila y agita banderas y se abrazan en las oficinas y en las escuelas y en las universidades y en el subte y en los taxis y en las cafeterías y en todo lugar de la ciudad donde, al menos, haya dos argentinos juntos. "

Hop Schwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz! Allez la Suisse!!! Forza Svizzera!!! 2-0

Youppiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I couldn't follow this match because I am at work... even if I saw the last part of the first half of the match!

Great job guys! We are first of the Group! Now...'ll not be willing to party anymore (lot of people going around with Korean flags yesterday in Toronto...even if they did not win, and they did not qualify yet...).

Go Switzerland! GO!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not exactly what we expected...

Saturday 3:00pm (Ontario time).... we were ready to see the match. The plan was to go with Lukas to join some AIESECers to see the match at "El Diplomatico", in Little Italy. When Lukas and I got there, around 2:00 pm it was already too late... There were already a lot of people waiting to get a chance to enter to the restaurant and see the match. It was a bit of the same in every restaurant... So Lukas started to make a queue in another restaurant, hoping to get into it in time (and find a place near a screen) while I was checking other Little Italy restaurants and pubs for a better position. Finally I found it! With some kindness from the restaurant owner, italian speaker of course, we menaged to get a table not too far from the screen and not under the hot sun. Unfortunately...the match wasn't that good :'(

Next time... we'll see the match at home...and if we win...we'll go to Little Italy to party it out :)
I hope that it will happen very soon and frequently :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Que' goleada Argentina!!!

Wow! Unbelivable! I have never seen a World Cup with so many GOALS!!!!
Vamos Argentina!!!! I can just imagine in the TV the speakers screaming goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool with as many "o" as possible!

I regret so much the time difference! As the match started at 9h30am here.. I could not watch the game (sniff sniff) I could just follow it on the live-news websites and imagine! When everyone thought that what Spain did this week was the highest result of the WorldCup (4-0), here it comes Argentina with a more unbelivable 6-0!!!! (It would be even a 7-0, if the referee didn't invalidate a supposed offside that wasn't there).

AGUANTE ARGENTINA CARAJO :)(I just wish Italy will do as good tomorrow!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nice weather in Ottawa welcomes Rita

After a rainy period, finally the spring-summer came back to Ottawa! Maybe to welcome out new intern Rita who just arrived from Hungary.
It is always tough to adapt to a new city, this is why we decided to go all together for a drink (and food...yummy) at the Market... at the Hard Rock Cafe that apparently was crowded by 13 year old teens (socorro!!).

It was a very nice evening that we ended up with a walk on the hill in front of Parliament Building...where you can see the Parliament "Castle" and on the other side of the river Quebec (Gatineau-Hull)... there was even a want-to-be-Jet-d'eau that made me think to my lovely Geneva...and Bains de Paquis (sigh sigh sniff sniff). Unfortunately we missed the sunset for a few minutes...this means that we'll have to go again soon!

Thank you for the lovely evening guys :)

Grazie Edmondo!

After more or less 6 years, I "pay you back" Edmondo,by posting the picture of our meeting in my blog, as many years ago you published the picture of our first meeting, for your 18th birthday in Sora, in your blog (when no one knew yet what a blog was).

Thank you Edmondo for bringing me and Lukas around Toronto to know a bit more of your city (as you once made me know also your other city, Sora)... but this time no ice cream on your vespa... just a terrorist atack from a spider in your car who was trying to kill me (well maybe I exagerate a bit).

Anyways.. thanks Edmondo!